Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog family: Good & Bad

Three years ago I discovered and jumped into the world of Blogging.

I wanted a way to share what my life and the lives of my family had changed since my husband, a soldier was wounded in combat on October 12, 2006. I wanted to connect possibly with others like me who were going down the same crazy road help them and possibly in turn help me, since being the wife/caregiver of a wounded warrior was a foreign place with no map.I was so lost! I wroted about all the challenges and walls we were having to climb, I spoke about my feelings, I shared my children and I tried to make sense of a life that was confusing, and to be honest literally making me a very sad and angry person. I believe my blog helped save my sanity and was there at any hour of the day. BUT....the most amazing thing I found were people to walk the journey with me.....

I found much more than i could have ever expected out there in cyberspace....I found a blog family. They live all over the country and most don't or didn't have any real military connection, but they were always there. They have cried with me, given me advice, prayed with me and for my family, made me laugh and most of all made feel like I mattered and I wasn't crazy...LOL!
Thank you to all of know who you are...we have followed each other onto facebook, and I have even had the pleasure of meeting one of my blog friends :)this last spring.

I have followed your lives and tried to reciprocate by being there when you need prayers and strength. That's the part that makes us a family...sharing the good and the bad. i hope you didn't feel as I deserted you when I stopped writing daily, then weekly, then monthly and then hardly ever...

I have not been a participating blog writer....I have several reasons for that...all of them aren't good enough for me to give up writing and sharing our journey. Definitely not good enough to not keep in touch by reading the blogs of my "Blog Family".
As tomorrow is Rodney's 4th "Alive Day"...the day he was wounded, the day he survived. I plan on sharing more often...because I want to, need to and have so much to tell you all..good and bad!

Trying to Keep Imagining!