Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coach Bechard

I noticed I was getting hits off of those looking for information on Don Bechard-for those of you who never had the privilege of meeting him, Don has be battling cancer for about 2 years and will soon be going to meet Jesus as his time on earth is short. I wrote a short post on him before that included a video of cool bald guys.
I just checked his website on caringbridge (go to visit and but in coachbechard)and the family is by his his side including his mother whom he has been waiting on.
Don has been a large part of our community as a coach and teacher.He has made a huge difference in many children's lives as well as others whom he has touched in ways he may not even have realized. Please pray for comfort and strength for Coach Bechard's family (Jan, Connor, Lauren, Addison,& his mom and siblings) as they say goodbye to their son, brother, husband, father and part their heart.
His legacy will never be forgotten.
God Speed Coach!
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Friday, August 29, 2008

media message from soldiers

A couple of Rodney's fellow 714th soldiers did an interview with the media a few months back. They were also having issues with getting "taken care" of properly. Thought I'd Share-
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Need a MIRACLE!

Keeping it short-but please pray for a miracle for our situation with the army medical status of Rodney and his wounds. We are at the end of August 2008-in October 2008 it will be TWO WHOLE YEARS with no real answers about the path we should be on. Our emotions as a family are taxed to the limit. We want answers and no more hoops to jump through. We want this to all be settled and over, whatever that looks like. We obviously want the best case scenario to happen and for Rodney to get the disability he deserves, the respect he deserves and for us to be able to heal and move on. Please pray for a miracle-lawmakers, army personnel and powers that be. We want God in charge-only he can fix this! Thanks!
Keep Imagining!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Withdrawl

Hey all- are you having Olympic Withdrawals also??
I realized over the last couple days how much I miss the Olympics. We as a family spend time together rooting on TEAM USA in sporting events we other wise wouldn't pay much attention beach volleyball. We loved the excitement of watching misty and Kerri knock out their opponents and and to their record of no loses. The Gold medal round was more than heart-stopping against the Chinese in the rain-we were literally praying out loud for these 2 women to win-it was something I will always remember. I have many favorite moments from the games, here are just a few:

1. Micheal Phelps (of course)-every race was so worth watching but our favorite that brought cheering throughout the house was the 1st relay race where team USA came from behind at the last second and won!

2.Watching Micheal Phelps mom in the stands-knowing she was so very proud of her kid and the emotion she showed was priceless.

3. The women's gymnasts-the entire team but especially Shawn and Nastia. I think the only times I cried (and I cry easily!) was when Nastia won her Olympic Champion Gold medal for all-around and when she got the silver for uneven-bars (she was robbed of the Gold as far as I am concerned). The closeness of her and her Dad was so obvious. That is something that touched my heart.

4. The diving-when the Australian diver took the Gold at the last minute-it was what the games are about-pure determination and never really knowing how it will turn out.

5. The USA women winning the 4x4 relay after having such a bad race on the previous relay when the baton was dropped.

I am always intrigued with the stories behind the athlete-it seems everyone has their own battles, with the Olympics we get to see first hand how strong some individuals are not only in body but in spirit. The Games were packed full of awe inspiring moments and stories and for 2 weeks we were glued to the tv with our eyes, ears and heart.

Little tidbit: The Para-Olympic Games will be starting in September in Beijing. My sister-in-law Debbie (Rod's sister) is a massage therapist and will be serving on the team one of their official therapists. She has actually taken part in at least 2 of the Para Olympic games thus far. (she has traveled to Athens and Rio prior to this). She will get to stay in and see the Olympic village. Very Cool! We are excited for her as well as proud. Can't wait to see the pictures when she returns. Keep Imagining!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The BOSS Rocked

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band had the Sprint Center Rocking for THREE hours last night! Yes 3 full hours with no breaks. I couldn't believe how much energy and how strong his voice was the entire time on stage. He always had a smile on his face. He interacted with the crowd, reached out into the crowd countless times and even went into the mosh pit.I have been to many concerts and this was up there with the very best. I teared up once when he talked a little about supporting our troops-good man!
He sang so many songs and then for the encore sang at least 5 more songs including a little rendition of his song "Dancing in the Dark" in which Courtney Cox was in his video-remember? this time he pulled a girl about 12 up on the stage, who had a sign that said "SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME"-she danced with him while the crowd roared-then she did a cartwheel-he looked at her a then did a somersault. It was a crowd pleaser for sure. It was so cool to see the people up front on the screens and realize that there were so grey haired heads-I mean the boss will be 60 years old and he is still rocking-so I say your never to old to rock! This generation will be rocking till the day we die!
I did have fun and thanks to my friend Tina for including me. It was late when we got home and everyone else was sound asleep except for Rodney who waited up for me-so I got to share my excitement and finally got to sleep by 2am. It was so worth it!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off to see the BOSS!

I am so excited...a friend called the other day and she needed someone to go with her to the Bruce Springsteen concert tonight-she had an extra ticket her hubby decided he didn't want so she and I are going to listen to the BOSS! I've been to a lot of concerts over the last 30 years but I never have seen him. Should be fun and bring back some old memories with his tunes. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow! I hope I remember how to have fun???
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Lots of LOVE for Carley

Carley didn't make her H.S. tennis team. She was heartbroken and as a parent it is so hard to see you child hurting, but as much as I want to fix things for them I know they have to learn to deal with disappointment-life is full of it!
She was just so excited but her lack of experience really came into play. 36 girls went out and they could only take 20.
She has always struggled with the physical skills-just like her mom. I was a dancer but anything else athletic let's just say I wasn't the first picked for teams. :)
I am proud of Carley for trying and today the tears are dried up and her attitude is better..she will practice and get better and try again next year ( she told me today). Her boyfriend is the manager of the team and the one who got her interested. I think he was as disappointed as her.
She will move on-as will I-life lessons for both of us! She is a survivor and excels at so much-I was told once by one of her teachers that gifted children (which she is and has an IEP). Take it harder when they fail and sometimes don't try new things because they are so used to doing well-failure is foreign to them. I see it in her in many ways-I have to push her many times until she is mad-it is what works with her.Socially is another area she struggles with. She can carry on a conversation with most adults but finds it more difficult with peers. Just giving her lots of hugs/kisses/love and encouragement. This parenting thing is rewarding but HARD!

I am heading to bed-tomorrow we have the first soccer game of the season at 8am-Connor has 2 games back to back. Athletics are something he doesn't struggle with what so ever!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congressional Inquiry???

Got off the phone awhile ago-speaking to a contact we've had from State Rep. office-possible congressional Inquiry into Rodney Case!!!!! Sorry it had to go that far but I am all for it. We even talked about bringing the media into it but how would we even begin to explain the (excuse my language..) Cluster Fuck this has been for 22 months now.
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More bad news for our story..

For now I don't know what to say other than we have ran into another roadblock with military inaptness.I cannot even bring myself to try and explain it. It is so absurd!! A wounded soldier is once again being made to jump through hoops to get the care he needs. I received an email today from the Lt. that is assisting us that made me break down in tears and begin to shake. She just told me yesterday this was about us and getting all of this taken care of-she was with us. I don't feel that today. I don't know how to keep doing this-fighting so hard for Rodney. I have run out of people to call to get our story heard because this cannot be normal for all wounded soldiers. if it is someone needs to make sure changes are made...NOW!
I had to call Rod-the news is just more red tape and moving backwards instead of forward. He is supposed to go to his first drill this weekend. He says he isn't going to go. He is tired of being screwed over. I am worried about him. I am worried about me. I am worried about us.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What COULD Happen next

I have so much to do today so I just wanted to get on here and let you know that our meeting with Lt. Tipton went very well yesterday. We are a great deal clearer on what is happening, what happened before to cause what is happening now and what we can expect in the near future. Best scenerio I guess is Rodney going back on medhold and having his medical issues completly handled. He would live on post for this so he would be away from home but we can deal with that. Then he would go back to CBHCO-but not out of Arkansas out of Salt Lake. He would only be there for a short time and come back and work close to home until the army decides to medboard him out or keep him with his MOS. Tommorow we head to Leavenworth for a battery of medical exams and I will be his second pair of eyes and ears. We will see what happens after that because he has to be accepted into the program I spoke of earlier. I know very confusing and it affects each of us-changing insurance again back to tricare (we are getting ready to do braces and sinus surgery on Carley)
One day at a time or I would lose my freakin mind. BAHHHHHHH!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School....YES!

Connor and Carley started back to school last week and we are working on getting into the mode of earlier bedtimes, school supplies,school lunches, after school activities and getting adjusted to new teachers and classes.

Connor: He is in 6th grade at the middle school. He seems to like his teacher. He did tell me he plans on having perfect attendance this year-that is a good goal for him since he has liked to "play" the sick card way too much in the past.He has quarter classes that are electives:choir, industrial tech and Family and Consumer Science. The FACS teacher is a family friend so I know she will keep him in line-LOL She is a very fun teacher and an awesome person so I love that all three of my kids have had the opportunity to have her. He is of course participating in his soccer club (he has played since he was 4). He has 4 hours of practice each week including goal keeper training. He also needs to spend time on his own doing drills. Games start up at the end of the month-so he is our soccer dude! He also has a couple church youth group times each week. So far so good with him. He seems more focused and grown up this year. Praying that he will have a year full of excitement of learning-I know that probably sounds corny but school has been a struggle for him for so long I feel I am holding my breath for the ball to drop. I know he is so capable, I just need him to believe that and follow thru.
Carley: She started her sophomore year and wow does this girl have an intense schedule. She is a gifted student so challenging is just what she needs as long as she doesn't let her self get overwhelmed or overbooked. She is taking: Honors English 10,Pre-calculus (a jr. class), Chemistry, European history (AP), Band, Health, yearbook and French I. She is also going out for the tennis team-she has never played before but wants to give it a try! So proud he is trying something outside her comfort zone! She may work on the crew for the fall musical or play in the pit, wants to be involved in Student Council again as well as scholar's bowl. She is also part of the color guard in band. She is worried about social time-I told her it will work out and she will have to socialize during her activities! She has 2 more weekends of life guarding before the pool closes.
Busy, Busy, Busy!
Taylor; Starts her 2nd year at college tomorrow. She has decided to commute 3 days a week for her classes. so she will be spending 6 hours on the road each week. She also has a job in a daycare here in town. Mama aint' been none too happy about all of this so it has been some tough love going on. Oh she also got engaged! She is 19!! She is also living with her Boyfriend (I refused to let her live at home if she was going to commute-that tough love thing again) So lots of changes. I don't approve but it will be a learning experience and hopefully she will figure out how difficult she is making it for herself. I miss her terribly-and sometimes want to call and say come home but sticking to my guns so far! Makes me sad to feel I have to set my boundaries-but I know when I was 19 I knew it all! How about you? So off to the races we go for another year except this year mom is going to make some personal changes-I have too for my own sanity and self-esteem! More on that at a later post.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Burden of Proof on the Wounded

Sorry about the pretty picture of my husbands belly!
there is a reason for sharing it on todays post.
Today I intended to write about a subject less frustrating but after dealing with some more military based issues the last few days I really need to VENT.
It seems that the 15 months Rodney spent on medhold with CBHCO was pretty much a waste of time. They did not take good care of him-his medical records are missing important documentation, there are items mentioned in the documents that we were not even aware of medically and the biggest issue is he was let out of the program that was supposed to help him become fit for duty before all his medical problems were addressed. We have a Lt. here in Kansas that is working hard on our case-which she says is one of the most messed up she has ever seen. That is pretty much been our entire experience! We know nothing moves quickly in the military system and we need patience but now we have to prove Rodney's issues are a direct result of his being wounded. (ie his hernia along his incision from abdominal surgery he received somewhere in Iraq-a not so pretty scar I might mention that obviously was done in a situation where medical care was done quickly)We want the hernia fixed but we don't have any documentation the surgery ever took place?? Wow-burden of proof on him-a soldier who went to a foreign country and was wounded in the line of duty and was at the mercy of others to take care of him. So he might get put back on medhold if they accept him into the program. We need this to happen so he can have the surgery and recover without having to use sick days from work which I am not even sure he has accrued enough to do so. He wants to be med boarded out because he doesn't feel he can serve the Army as the soldier he was before he was wounded, plus he is tired, but even his cardiologist says he is fit for duty (civilian dr. I might add!)
We just want to move on with our lives-get a house-put this all behind us, but again we wait. There are two sides to this coin: Army and VA.We are dealing with both simultaneously) Waiting for disability ratings that is what the wait is for.
I am thankful we are meeting with the Lt. on Monday and Rodney will see a doc on post Wed. but just so tired of living with knowing we have to stay on this almost daily. We just want to be treated fairly and for everyone to do their jobs! We feel we are doing ours!
Sorry for the pity party post :(
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What did I just step in??????

This here is a story named crap courtesy of Beau!
Let me tell you about it and it is not even 7am yet.
It's the first day of school for the kiddos and I jump out of bed because no one is on a schedule after the long summer break. I take a few step down the hall and squish goes my BARE foot. Crap!!!! Literally-Doggy poo shit in my hallway and I put my left foot right in it. First time for everything, huh? My dog is house trained-what the heck is going on with him??? I yell at the hubby to come rescue me-bad idea he is gagging and ready to make another mess for me to clean up. so I wobble on my heel to the shower and proceed to take that there SHIT off my foot while he watches! Now remember this is all prior to 7 am people! So my question to you all is can you beat that for starting your day today? I sure hope not.
If there was ever a reason for going back to bed and staying there I have found it! Beau my precious little one is staring at me from under the bed-I love my dog but not his shit! He must be having some issues-call in the dog whisperer!!!
So off I go to take the youngin to school and then back to bed for me until I have to pick him up in a couple hours (what is with that???)
Wish me luck out on the road and walking down the stairs for that matter.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thank Goodness for Terrie in DC!

My contact in DC came through today-she called back which is something that doesn't happen too often when trying to deal with the military. Terrie always calls me back and always has someone or information that helps make the situation easier to navigate.She works at the pentagon but she cares about us and I am sure she does all of the soldiers and their families that call or come into contact with her. There needs to be more Terrie McGue's in the world.You are an angel Terrie!
Can you tell just one phone call can give me some hope!! We should know something about VA disability rating by October (hopefully)!! A time line is good-not knowing isn't.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Parents 35th Anniversary

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Can you hear me SCREAMING!

Pretty catchy title-huh?
Really though nothing is wrong where I am actually bleeding at this point and I haven't started tearing out my hair or anyone else's YET! It has just been so crazy-the last week or two!!!! Today is one of those days when Rodney and I both feel at war with the military/VA/social security system You name it we are making phone call, sending emails and pulling out the big guns.
There is so much that is not right about this situation-as I have said before..

Rodney has been doing his own legwork when it has come to getting all his medical records to the VA-twice now he has had to make trips, do the copying and then send them UPS at our cost. We are still waiting to see what happens next-if the VA needs something else which is all very possible. I don't understand why he doesn't have a liaison to be helping him through this!!!! (I wonder how many times I have said that same thing about any part of this process in the last 2+ years!)
Rodney is struggling so-he even had to take a day of sick leave to try and get something moving or get some kind of answer to anything.He is having a hard time dealing with this most likely due to his PTSD-which he hasn't been seen for since March! He is supposed to report for drill duty this month-HA! ... he can't run,or do sit ups (he has a hernia due to his surgery in Iraq).The state of Kansas has not said what is going to happen with him..and no one will call us back. I made my call to DC today to my amazing contact/friend Terrie and she will do her job. that is one thing I can count on!After I got off the phone with her I smiled at Rodney and made the motion of "stirring the POT". He chuckled and said I don't know what I would do without you. He has also been trying to find out why he no longer is being covered by Tricare-he was wounded in action in Iraq the place where our country is fighting a WAR?
Financially we are drowning-we had to turn down the opportunity to purchase a house from a friend at a really good price because right now we can't be sure of anything.
Oh and Social security benefits for the time he was on med hold-we were told he would most likely qualify-now they are saying not!! Not giving up that fight yet.
UGGHHHHHHH!!!!!&#*&^% Hear me screaming and cussing yet!!
On top of all of this we have daily starting, and extra news concerning my oldest Taylor (I will share more later) I am so stressed out right now-I can feel my self shaking inside-but it happens every time I deal with the unfairness of the green machine. I have to admit I avoid it if I can because I know what will happen to me.
I know I need stress relief-Calgon or rum take me away!!!!!
Keep Imagining!