Thursday, August 14, 2008

Burden of Proof on the Wounded

Sorry about the pretty picture of my husbands belly!
there is a reason for sharing it on todays post.
Today I intended to write about a subject less frustrating but after dealing with some more military based issues the last few days I really need to VENT.
It seems that the 15 months Rodney spent on medhold with CBHCO was pretty much a waste of time. They did not take good care of him-his medical records are missing important documentation, there are items mentioned in the documents that we were not even aware of medically and the biggest issue is he was let out of the program that was supposed to help him become fit for duty before all his medical problems were addressed. We have a Lt. here in Kansas that is working hard on our case-which she says is one of the most messed up she has ever seen. That is pretty much been our entire experience! We know nothing moves quickly in the military system and we need patience but now we have to prove Rodney's issues are a direct result of his being wounded. (ie his hernia along his incision from abdominal surgery he received somewhere in Iraq-a not so pretty scar I might mention that obviously was done in a situation where medical care was done quickly)We want the hernia fixed but we don't have any documentation the surgery ever took place?? Wow-burden of proof on him-a soldier who went to a foreign country and was wounded in the line of duty and was at the mercy of others to take care of him. So he might get put back on medhold if they accept him into the program. We need this to happen so he can have the surgery and recover without having to use sick days from work which I am not even sure he has accrued enough to do so. He wants to be med boarded out because he doesn't feel he can serve the Army as the soldier he was before he was wounded, plus he is tired, but even his cardiologist says he is fit for duty (civilian dr. I might add!)
We just want to move on with our lives-get a house-put this all behind us, but again we wait. There are two sides to this coin: Army and VA.We are dealing with both simultaneously) Waiting for disability ratings that is what the wait is for.
I am thankful we are meeting with the Lt. on Monday and Rodney will see a doc on post Wed. but just so tired of living with knowing we have to stay on this almost daily. We just want to be treated fairly and for everyone to do their jobs! We feel we are doing ours!
Sorry for the pity party post :(
Keep Imagining!


Ness said...

The small amount of time I have had to deal with the military has just about caused me a nervous breakdown...I can't even imagine what Rodney and your family has been through. I am bombarding God with prayers that He will personally see that Rodney is as well taken care of now as the service that Rodney provided for our country. Is it too much to ask that a soldier be paid for the work he does and when his work involves injury that the government that he served take care of him? We are still battling over my son's pay but the IG has it now. I'm not sure if that's good or bad but he has to be paid soon.

Michelle said...


Thanks for visiting me today. After spending the last hour looking through your blog my little bit of frustration feels small in comparison. My ordeal will work out and I will attend my daughters graduation.

I am lucky that I had a smooth transition through the VA System when I retired from the Army.

I will be back. I have lots more reading to do!

Please give Rodney my best and thank him from this retired soldier.