Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Need a MIRACLE!

Keeping it short-but please pray for a miracle for our situation with the army medical status of Rodney and his wounds. We are at the end of August 2008-in October 2008 it will be TWO WHOLE YEARS with no real answers about the path we should be on. Our emotions as a family are taxed to the limit. We want answers and no more hoops to jump through. We want this to all be settled and over, whatever that looks like. We obviously want the best case scenario to happen and for Rodney to get the disability he deserves, the respect he deserves and for us to be able to heal and move on. Please pray for a miracle-lawmakers, army personnel and powers that be. We want God in charge-only he can fix this! Thanks!
Keep Imagining!


Ness said...

You've got all my prayers. I can't imagine what it feels like to be in limbo that long...I almost lost my mind when Michael had 3 months of it and when he goes to Ft. Sill in November I'm sure they'll screw his pay up again. Get your story out there to your local news, your legislatures and God will open the correct paths you need for this situation. I feel so bad for Rodney and your family. This is one reason I didn't want Michael in the military because they do not take care of the military when they return home. Even if you are not injured, I just can't believe you can walk away from war and not havd PTSD or depression or something for all you have seen and been through. Tell Rodney I am praying for this to come to an end and soon. God loves him and so do I.

Tracy said...

Thanks Ness-I am literally sick and close to non-functiona-I want off this rollar coaster!!!It is nice to know other know and care about our situation. It has moved past the point of ridiculous! We are working with on of our congressman's aides ver closely and have considered going to the media, just not sure how to explain it all. I am doing all I know to do-Rodney is working his job plus worrying about this. I have to be the mouth piece and his advocate. Thanks for the prayers and the comment. Makes a world of difference to me.