Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School....YES!

Connor and Carley started back to school last week and we are working on getting into the mode of earlier bedtimes, school supplies,school lunches, after school activities and getting adjusted to new teachers and classes.

Connor: He is in 6th grade at the middle school. He seems to like his teacher. He did tell me he plans on having perfect attendance this year-that is a good goal for him since he has liked to "play" the sick card way too much in the past.He has quarter classes that are electives:choir, industrial tech and Family and Consumer Science. The FACS teacher is a family friend so I know she will keep him in line-LOL She is a very fun teacher and an awesome person so I love that all three of my kids have had the opportunity to have her. He is of course participating in his soccer club (he has played since he was 4). He has 4 hours of practice each week including goal keeper training. He also needs to spend time on his own doing drills. Games start up at the end of the month-so he is our soccer dude! He also has a couple church youth group times each week. So far so good with him. He seems more focused and grown up this year. Praying that he will have a year full of excitement of learning-I know that probably sounds corny but school has been a struggle for him for so long I feel I am holding my breath for the ball to drop. I know he is so capable, I just need him to believe that and follow thru.
Carley: She started her sophomore year and wow does this girl have an intense schedule. She is a gifted student so challenging is just what she needs as long as she doesn't let her self get overwhelmed or overbooked. She is taking: Honors English 10,Pre-calculus (a jr. class), Chemistry, European history (AP), Band, Health, yearbook and French I. She is also going out for the tennis team-she has never played before but wants to give it a try! So proud he is trying something outside her comfort zone! She may work on the crew for the fall musical or play in the pit, wants to be involved in Student Council again as well as scholar's bowl. She is also part of the color guard in band. She is worried about social time-I told her it will work out and she will have to socialize during her activities! She has 2 more weekends of life guarding before the pool closes.
Busy, Busy, Busy!
Taylor; Starts her 2nd year at college tomorrow. She has decided to commute 3 days a week for her classes. so she will be spending 6 hours on the road each week. She also has a job in a daycare here in town. Mama aint' been none too happy about all of this so it has been some tough love going on. Oh she also got engaged! She is 19!! She is also living with her Boyfriend (I refused to let her live at home if she was going to commute-that tough love thing again) So lots of changes. I don't approve but it will be a learning experience and hopefully she will figure out how difficult she is making it for herself. I miss her terribly-and sometimes want to call and say come home but sticking to my guns so far! Makes me sad to feel I have to set my boundaries-but I know when I was 19 I knew it all! How about you? So off to the races we go for another year except this year mom is going to make some personal changes-I have too for my own sanity and self-esteem! More on that at a later post.

Keep Imagining!

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