Monday, August 25, 2008

The BOSS Rocked

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band had the Sprint Center Rocking for THREE hours last night! Yes 3 full hours with no breaks. I couldn't believe how much energy and how strong his voice was the entire time on stage. He always had a smile on his face. He interacted with the crowd, reached out into the crowd countless times and even went into the mosh pit.I have been to many concerts and this was up there with the very best. I teared up once when he talked a little about supporting our troops-good man!
He sang so many songs and then for the encore sang at least 5 more songs including a little rendition of his song "Dancing in the Dark" in which Courtney Cox was in his video-remember? this time he pulled a girl about 12 up on the stage, who had a sign that said "SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME"-she danced with him while the crowd roared-then she did a cartwheel-he looked at her a then did a somersault. It was a crowd pleaser for sure. It was so cool to see the people up front on the screens and realize that there were so grey haired heads-I mean the boss will be 60 years old and he is still rocking-so I say your never to old to rock! This generation will be rocking till the day we die!
I did have fun and thanks to my friend Tina for including me. It was late when we got home and everyone else was sound asleep except for Rodney who waited up for me-so I got to share my excitement and finally got to sleep by 2am. It was so worth it!
Keep Imagining!

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