Friday, August 22, 2008

Lots of LOVE for Carley

Carley didn't make her H.S. tennis team. She was heartbroken and as a parent it is so hard to see you child hurting, but as much as I want to fix things for them I know they have to learn to deal with disappointment-life is full of it!
She was just so excited but her lack of experience really came into play. 36 girls went out and they could only take 20.
She has always struggled with the physical skills-just like her mom. I was a dancer but anything else athletic let's just say I wasn't the first picked for teams. :)
I am proud of Carley for trying and today the tears are dried up and her attitude is better..she will practice and get better and try again next year ( she told me today). Her boyfriend is the manager of the team and the one who got her interested. I think he was as disappointed as her.
She will move on-as will I-life lessons for both of us! She is a survivor and excels at so much-I was told once by one of her teachers that gifted children (which she is and has an IEP). Take it harder when they fail and sometimes don't try new things because they are so used to doing well-failure is foreign to them. I see it in her in many ways-I have to push her many times until she is mad-it is what works with her.Socially is another area she struggles with. She can carry on a conversation with most adults but finds it more difficult with peers. Just giving her lots of hugs/kisses/love and encouragement. This parenting thing is rewarding but HARD!

I am heading to bed-tomorrow we have the first soccer game of the season at 8am-Connor has 2 games back to back. Athletics are something he doesn't struggle with what so ever!
Keep Imagining!

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Amy said...

I hate that for Carley. I tried out for the basketball team in 5th grade and didn't make the team. I think I was the only one that didn't and I was crushed. I was good at softball and bowling and not so much with basketball.
I'm really sorry about all this red tape BS that your STILL going through. It's heartbreaking to see one of our brave, selfless soldiers to have to live through.
I'm praying for a better week.
love ya