Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What did I just step in??????

This here is a story named crap courtesy of Beau!
Let me tell you about it and it is not even 7am yet.
It's the first day of school for the kiddos and I jump out of bed because no one is on a schedule after the long summer break. I take a few step down the hall and squish goes my BARE foot. Crap!!!! Literally-Doggy poo shit in my hallway and I put my left foot right in it. First time for everything, huh? My dog is house trained-what the heck is going on with him??? I yell at the hubby to come rescue me-bad idea he is gagging and ready to make another mess for me to clean up. so I wobble on my heel to the shower and proceed to take that there SHIT off my foot while he watches! Now remember this is all prior to 7 am people! So my question to you all is can you beat that for starting your day today? I sure hope not.
If there was ever a reason for going back to bed and staying there I have found it! Beau my precious little one is staring at me from under the bed-I love my dog but not his shit! He must be having some issues-call in the dog whisperer!!!
So off I go to take the youngin to school and then back to bed for me until I have to pick him up in a couple hours (what is with that???)
Wish me luck out on the road and walking down the stairs for that matter.
Keep Imagining!

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