Friday, October 31, 2008


Trying to Keep Imagining!

Our Baby Boy's Birthday

Yes-our furry baby just turned three! He hasn't seemed the least bit excited, but we were so here is my tribute to him for his 3rd birthday. Beauregard Duke did receive presents-a new food bowl and and some bones. He is a member of our family and he is spoiled rotten. He has a wardrobe of shirts, coats and costumes-never did I think we would own an inside dog much less dress him, but it is true he has a shirt for pretty much any occasion. We are sick I know-LOL!

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Trying to Keep Imagining!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seeing the Big Picture

First I want to thank all my blog friends that left me comments-it helped me remember I am only one person, I am human and there is so much that is underlying issues from the last 2 1/2 years. Things just got so out of control last night I couldn't see the "big picture".

I spent sometime today (actually a few hours) on the phone with different agencies to figure out where this journey goes now. I spoke with a nurse from the VA-Rodney needs more evaluation on possible brain injury from the blast-which would explain some of his actions of recent. The nurse also is getting us started on getting the primary dr. set up and getting us into counseling (an obvious need). I also spoke to another wounded soldier-he gave me insight into Rodney is feeling. I then spoke with a advocate from AW2 which hopefully help us with the process of what comes next with the Army/National Guard side. She is doing some research and talking to some people in DC to figure out what would be the best situation for Rodney as well as our family.

I think Rod is really having issue with leaving the army-not being a soldier anymore-losing his identity. I get that more today. Doesn't change the fact that last night was crazy but at least gives me an explanation of why things are going so out of control now.
We as a family have to deal with daily life which can be so stressful, but we still
have so much on top of the heap of the emotional fallout from trauma of what happened 2 years ago-forgetting that and not recognizing why things continue to occur in the emotional department is not working-we need to be aware and vigilant to heal. I sound so profound today:) Sounds so easy when I am not in chaos and really pissed :) but I am going to try!

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can anyone say DYSFUNCTIONAL?

My family is falling apart...literally... tonight was like the freaking civil war in my house with children and parents choosing sides. Obviously Taylor has been struggling-add panic attacks to her daily life. Rodney and Connor are going at it like children (at least one of them is still a child!). Carley just gets feed up with all of us-lucky for her she gets a break from our crazy house to go visit her dad for 3 nights and deal with a different crazy. I am trying to help Taylor-trying to keep her calm. Connor came home from school with a stomach thing today so trying to mother him a little. Feeling my own issues with anxiety and working to keep the stress level on an even keel. Didn't work..
So this is what happened in a nut shell.. I am reaching out to my friend's that are also mom's to some of her high school friends-I go to the garage to have a private conversation with my friend Sherri since the TV was on and Rodney was doing his best impression of the peanut gallery (stop listening and trying to be a part of my phone conversations!. Rodney was obviously in one of his moods/places/PTSD tonight-he pushes until he pisses off someone-usually me or Connor. So I am in the garage-talking and listening because I need outlets for my frustration too. Then here comes Taylor-upset because Rodney and Connor are going at it with words. Not 5 minutes later Connor is in the garage-crying about something and Rodney is right behind him. I had to tell my friend I couldn't talk-and man was I one mad momma!
All the kids retreated downstairs to Taylor's room even Carley-so then it was Rod and I arguing about the same old shit. Long, Long story short....I cannot continue to do this!!!! My marriage is not anywhere close to what I think one should look like, my children have to deal with so much stress in this house and I don't know what to do. I am a mess and I am the one supposed to know what to do!!

I am on 3 different meds, I don't get out of the house most days (not sure why other than I feel safer here-makes no sense I know!),stress of any kind makes me physically sick (I am still having stomach issues and have an ultra-sound scheduled for tomorrow in the am to look at my gall bladder), There is so much more I can't even talk about-think we all need counseling??? I am afraid that is something that is to late-I know we need to heal but none of that is happening.
Nothing anyone can really do-but something is going to blow just not sure what.

We were the poster family for Dysfunction tonight! Everything is coming to a head!

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Momma Can't Seem To Make It Better..

MOM and her Girls...Carley, Taylor and me-April 2007-Florida Trip

Taylor and Me-In Happier Days-she was almost three. I was pregnant with Carley (barely) in this picture. Easter 1992.

I am at my wits end with knowing what to say or do for my broken hearted, depressed and just immobile daughter. I am so mad at myself for not feeling equipped to handle a 19 year old sobbing every couple hours. This make me feel helpless and so upset since I deal with depression myself and know what she is feeling. she is so overwhelmed she quit her job today-I am not sure if she will continue in college and finish the semester! I can't say or do the right thing. I lose my patience-I am a horrible mom! I try tough love-she digs her heels in. I try to get her to do small things like eat, take a shower or go on an errand-it is like pulling teeth.
I know why, I understand-but I so don't want this for her-this monster called depression-I have feared her entire life I would pass it on to her. Did I? What can I do for her-I should know what to do!!!

Her friends have deserted her-I have no idea why??? I am so mad at her Ex for giving her no real reason for changing his mind about the relationship-and he is just going on with his fun filled life with their friends. She doesn't understand what she did?? She told me Sunday she felt she needed to talk with someone-we set that up and she did see a therapist on Monday. She will continue to see her and most likely will be dealing with more than just her and Bryan's breakup( she will be faced with so much she never dealt with...her non-relationship with her dad for the last 6 years after he tried to force her to go with him for visitation and in the process caused her bodily harm (bruises, gashes and so much emotional pain), Rodney be deployed to Iraq and being wounded, my depression and anxiety issues, and all the crap she has let build up for so many years. She has never been one to talk about her feelings-that isn't such a good thing-she has stuffed a lot. I knew this and could see it-but couldn't make her deal. This was her breaking point-bless her heart, she is in so so much pain.

This isn't going to be as simple as I thought a couple weeks ago. I am praying so hard for me to know what to do and for her to know God hasn't abandoned her. I play her music to remind her God is there, I show her pictures of her happy before Bryan, I hug her and comfort her, I make her favorite food..what else can I do. I can't let her quit-I can't let her give up. I want my ambitious, laid back, smiling, dancing little girl back. Please send prayers!!!

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

VA Rating

We got the word the other day that Rod's VA rating was decided on Oct. 15. The decision was a 100 percent disability. This is a temp rating but is retro active back to April. So there is a light at the end of the 2 year tunnel-allowing myself to feel hope. We got the paperwork yesterday so I guess it is real-it will be more real when we get a check!! Pretty sure this means the army will medically retire him now and let the VA deal with his medical issues. He will have to go in front of a med board for the Army to rate his disability through them. So still some waiting and some questions about the logistics of what will happen and when but like I said I am allowing myself to hope.. but not imagining too much yet other than paying off bills and not having the worry of if the craziness of military red tape will last
FOREVER! Not sure how the VA road will be, but we are ready for a different path for sure. I will post more about how they came to the 100 percent rating-kinda surprising and weird what they gave the highest ratings for.
Trying to Keep Imagining!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She's BACK......and you didn't even know she left!

Say Bye-Bye to BRYAN! The above pic was taken in May 2007 for Taylor's Sr. prom of Tay and Bryan. Doesn't she look beautiful!! (don't look at him-he doesn't matter anymore!!!)

Well, Well, Well... I had not even had the chance to say "Taylor moved back in with Bryan last Friday", mainly because I wasn't thrilled with her decision. I was sad but I knew she would do what she thought was best for her, even though I told her to please think with her head and not her emotions. she had to do it on her own-well I just got woke up from my nap this afternoon and a very good dream I might add (I was dreaming about people and places from my college days-I will share another time-but lets just say I had my share of good times!)-

anyway back to Taylor...she woke me up and said I'm back for good.
I was a little dis-oriented. She wasn't weeping and crying just matter of fact.
He (Bryan, now the EX) wanted her to move back last week but then has been really distant from her since she went back. No one seems to know what is happening with Mr. Bryan (his sister, friends, parents). I haven't seen or spoken to him but I have my theory.I am not angry with him just disappointed big time in the person who has been a part of not only Tay's life but ours as well.

I asked her what her plans now for school next semester were and she said she didn't know-so I said you have a week to come up with a plan and tell me. I am happy she is home but sad she has to go through all she does but I do know she will survive. I have had break ups and a divorce and I survived. I told her I want her to live a fun filled life-she is 19-she deserves friends and fun. She will get there.
She needs to find herself again-go back to her passions-find new hobbies or activities that make her happy.

The bad side of this: Last night Connor laid his claim to Taylor's room downstairs.
This boy worked harder than I have ever seen him work. He moved furniture, cleaned, packed up Taylor's stuff. He took down her mini fridge from college and set it up.
He set up his video game systems. He was so proud-and I was proud of him.
Then sissy comes home today-he was so mad and disappointed at first. Taylor swayed him to her side now-she is taking him shopping for jeans. He is happy again!

so that is the end of today's episode of "OUR CRAZY WORLD SPINS" stayed tuned for
tomorrow's episode when I share the really good news-Rodney heard from the VA!

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stepping Back in Time

Guess where I got to go Sunday??? I will give you a hint-I saw the king and queen, I stood very close to some scary looking pirates, there were musician, camels, elephants, knights, princesses, fairy's, mermaids, jousting and so much more.I was surrounded by people from another time and place and it was so much fun...and I didn't even have to leave Kansas City! the KC Rennissance Festival! The food was good too...turkey legs, beer,chicken strips and chips, beer, corn on the cob, apple dumplings, freshly made cinnamon almonds-mmmmm! (and yes I said beer twice!) It was a great Fall day to be outside. It felt good to go somewhere and not have to worry or think about "reality" for a few hours. If you ever get the chance to go-do it. They have been having this for years and I have been four times now. Connor would have loved it too-but he had a soccer game-next year.

Miss Carley and her BF Chris. He is in choir and she came along to watch and take pics for yearbook. My mom, Taylor and I came to enjoy the gorgeous weather and spend some time together. My mom had never been before so it was fun watching her see all there was to see. It can be a bit overwhelming. We did enjoy hearing the GEHS choir perform. Carley didn't have to use her ticket so i got in FREE!
The 1st show we saw came highly recommended-it was the Washin Wench's-very funny with a lot of audience participation-especially the men! We had to yell loud at times just so our side of the audience wouldn't get wet! Made us laugh so that can't be bad!

One of the 2 shows we watched was one featuring the "Jolly Rogers"-a Pirate Singing Group. I had heard of them before because one of the medics in Rodney's unit used to be a member of the group. They were very entertaining but the kind of humor you hope goes over the top of kids heads. LOL
The Huzzah and Cheers Parade
The Cast of Characters were all so much fun to watch (they are all volunteers who do this from Labor Day weekend to Columbus Day, every weekend rain or shine.

The Queen and King waving to their Royal subjects
My mom and Taylor enjoying time together
Taylor posing with the Blue Mime Man (this is a big deal for her since clowns etc.. freak her out!)
GEHS Choir Group Performing at the Festival
Carley Modeling Chris's Hat
Chris and Carley as Robin Hood and Maid Merriam
Trying to Keep Imagining!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12th- Two Years Later

An anniversary is today...2 years ago on October 12th in Mosul,Iraq my husband's FOB (Forward Operating Base) was attacked by insurgents when they fired multiple mortar rounds from various locations from out side the fence. My husband Spc. Rodney A. Price was wounded from a mortar blast that hit outside the door of the building he was standing in. I have heard that he was thrown 20 feet backwards when the blast came through the closed glass and metal door. He and three other soldiers were wounded from his unit. Other units from the Camp Marez also had wounded. Rodney was seriously wounded and was taken care of inside the command post where he was hit by many of his fellow 714th brothers while they continued to be under attack.
He received care from an the med-act who was dodging mortar fire to help the wounded.
He aspirated Rodney who had a collapsed lung that was filling up with blood. He had a wound to his left hip flexer that hit a major artery-and he would have bleed out had it not been for one brave soldier placing his knee and body weight on the wound to stop the bleeding.

This all happened at approx. 4:30 p.m. Iraq time which is 8 hours ahead of central standard time, so he was wounded about the time we were starting out day here in Kansas-8:30 am! I went through my day not knowing what had happened, just that I was feeling weird that day-can't really explain it-intuition?? I hadn't heard from Rodney for about 3 days, which was a little while longer than usual. I found out at 3am when Rodney's parents and sister came to our home to tell me.

Here we are 2 years later-still dealing!Some days I look back and think how can this all still be affecting our lives so strongly...still. It is all day to day-I had a dream last night I was in a mortar attack with Rodney somewhere. The brain is a complicated place full of processes that I don't even begin to understand. Why now do I have a dream such as that?

A year ago I started this blog-it has often been a life line for me. A place to go and share my feelings. A place I go and visit friends in other parts of the US and the world without ever leaving my room. To think 3 years ago I didn't even know what a BLOG was..Thank you on this anniversary day to all the readers and friends that leave "priceless" comments that make my day and help me get through the difficult ones.

I have included last years Oct. 11th post. My very first one!
Trying to Keep Imagining!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football Frenzy

The football was a lot of fun! The school spirit was high and the stands were filled to capacity. We had Kansas City Fox 4 news, out since we won to have the game of the week-by only 50 votes! Close race!! We also had a couple different stations fly over with their helicopters. All this media attention is a huge deal for our fairly small community! It was our homecoming game so winning 49 to 3 was very cool! Our Football team is now 6-0. Pretty exciting stuff!

The band did their halftime "WICKED" show. The color guard wore their new uniforms for this special show. The band is now award winning and very much lived up to their reputation!

All in all it was a great way to spend a Friday night-earlier in the evening I was in charge of coordinating the pre-game band meal. We had a pasta dinner-yum! the kids loved it. we only have one home game left and that is Oct. 31st-Halloween. If we keep going like we are sub-state and state are definite possibilities.

Enjoy the slide show from the game tonight-not the best pictures but you will get a glimpse of the night.

Click to play homecoming game 2008
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vote for our High School

Thank you if you voted. This will be so exciting for the students and the community!
I will post after the game with photos as well as how we did. We better win!!
Go Blazers!

*Side-Note* The High school band participated in a marching competition yesterday.
The band won first place! The color-guard-which Carley is a member of- received a SUPERIOR rating!

Our local High School-the Gardner-Edgerton High School is having a amazing season-no loss yet and we have basically run over the competition every week. The team is up for the chance to have one of the Kansas City News stations come out and broadcast from the game Friday night.

So this is where I need you help. We are in the running against 2 other schools right now we are in second place. Can you post a vote for our team???
Yes you have to register once and can only vote once an hour but I would so much appreciate it as would the community and FB team.

So here is the link:

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Political Weigh In

I have tried to keep my political views out of this blog for a few reasons, the most important being that I have never been a person that knew about or even followed politics. I love history but the political machine was something I found very complicated and to be honest ugly and unpleasant. The other main reason for not sharing my opinions now that I have some (yes I do now, but who couldn't in this campaign)-I was raised one way and that our family votes for this party-for that reason I never have claimed to be a democrat or republican (I know I am such a rebel!). My dad voted for Nixon back in the day and he never told my grandfather-they both took it to their graves. Weird I think! I do know I am an American and I do vote-it is my right as a citizen. I can have my own opinions and make my own choices-because I am an American! What I don't like to do is discuss my views with others especially if they think their chosen candidate or party in some cases-has all the answers and will basically debate you. I have a lot of issues with the down and dirty ads. I also have problems with people who say that candidate is this or that-where it sounds racist or picks on the candidates background as a child or young adult-to me that is a big turn off. I know I am probably going to piss some readers off-that is not my intention. I am just sharing how I feel and what I don't like about this whole election process.

So how am I going to decide who to vote for?? Educating myself-checking the voting records and the facts that both presidential candidates throw out. I have issues that are close to my heart this time around-such as wounded veteran issues and the treatment of returning soldiers. I care of course about the economy and how it is adversely affecting my family. I wonder will we ever be able to buy a home. I don't like when others come to me and state a fact that they have no idea how true it is or I am forwarded something that is more like a scare tactic to make one candidate look better than another. That is wrong-making an educated vote is something I will do otherwise I wonder if I should vote at all-to have clear consious and vote to the best of my knowledge-that is what I can do and what I will do. Sorry grandpa!

I have been reading books-I just finished John McCain's book-it was a good book that I enjoyed and gave me some insight to how he became to be who he is. I am also reading what I can about Obama. I have made no clear cut decision. I have watched the 1st presidential debate and the VP debate-I didn't watch the one tonight-but I will on the Internet.
The one thing I have done is go to the fact checker info. on tonight's debate. It is here if you would like to have a look., on MSNBC on fact checking for tonights debate. It is worth the time. Click here!
Trying to Keep Imagining!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Owner of a Broken Heart

Taylor the Dancer-circa 2007 (Her First Love-Dancing)

Today was so difficult for my baby girl-every time I told her I loved her or told her it would be ok-it just takes time-she sobbed. I told her how special she was and how sorry I was she was in such pain-she cried. She didn't want to do anything today-except watch TV. She didn't feel like eating but I took her to lunch anyway-she ate a little. I made her dinner-she ate a little.

My strong, confident daughter is so confused and doesn't understand why he broke off the engagement. I can remember feeling the way she does and it sucks-literally feels like your heart is going to explode. I did take her back to the dr. today. She was coughing and wheezing still. She was diagnosed with bronchitis. she is now on antibiotics and an inhaler. She stared running a fever again tonight. Taylor is having a really rough time. I have been there for her 100 percent today-I didn't go to Connor's vocal concert because I didn't want her to be alone. We watched "Dancing with the Stars"-she was just very quiet. She didn't go to class today and may not go to work because of the fever-but that is not like her. She has went to school and dance practice in High School when she was really ill. I am scared for her but trying to be patient. She just doesn't want to talk-she misses Bryan. She isn't sleeping well. Taylor is a mess-and she can be for awhile, but sooner or later she will have to learn to function again-to believe in herself again. She is not a person who talks about their feelings freely-sometimes it is really a chore to get her to tell you how she feels.

I am worried-besides the obvious, Taylor has been through a deal with her real dad that is complicated but in a nutshell she doesn't have a relationship with her father any longer and hasn't since she was 13 years old. Yes, for 6 years my ex-husband (dickhead)and father of my 2 girls has chosen for petty reasons not to have a relationship with his oldest daughter. So now he fiance/boyfriend of 3 years calls it off. I am worried-I am most of the time all she has.

Rodney and her aren't that close even though a lot of the time she calls him dad. She know he loves her-but it just isn't a relationship of parent and child. She was close to 8 years old when we married-she was old enough to remember when mom and dad were together. She is her momma's girl. I just want her to see how amazing she is and not focus on what the MEN in her life have chosen to do.Someone said she comes from a brave family-that is true-I have raised her and her sister to be women of character and to be true to themselves-easy at 11 but not so easy at 18 and 19 when faced with the real world-she will survive and come out on the other side stronger (I hope), for now she owns a broken heart. I pray God guides me in how to help or do what I am supposed to do to mend it or put a band aid on it. :)

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boys Suck! well at least one does!

I mentioned the other day about Taylor and Bryan being engaged-hopefully I did not jinx it since tonight he broke up with her. She and her broken in a million pieces heart are downstairs trying to sleep in her room. I am hurting for her of course not sure what to say or do for her. She just returned from her trip tonight and he met her with the news that "they were going down different paths". This is the same guy who sat with me and talked to me for 2 hours about how ready he felt they were to get engaged and then married-before he asked her. I am so angry with him-but on the other hand I saw this coming I just expected it to be her breaking up with him since he wasn't trying to find a better job (he quit his good paying job right after they were engaged) nor was he willing to move closer to her college like was originally planned. He wasn't living up to his end of the bargain but it didn't happen that way. Instead he constantly calls her all weekend acting like a jealous child-then when she gets home he springs this on her. Like I said BOYS suck! at least for now-any ideas how to help my baby girl heal her heart and not go back to this jerk. Three years of her life-so thankful they didn't get married!

Again a really bad weekend!

Trying to Keep Imagining!

This is what BUMMED sounds like!

I have had a really hard time this weekend-my mood is in the hole, I am worried about money (which who isn't at this time)so much I can't even bring myself to do the checkbook, and I just can't get a grip on being motivated to do anything-what a waste of a beautiful weekend-which I wouldn't really know because I never leave the house. What is wrong with me-I hate depression! Plus my kids are brats-the 2 younger ones at least (I love them to death but they are spoiled with a capital S!
and it is probably all my fault too.)
Sorry to be such a downer, normally I just push through it but feeling alone and sad-had to get it out.

Trying to Keep Imagining!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Born: Baby Girl is born!

I wrote some about what has been going on with my baby girl, Taylor, who is 19 and in her 2nd year of college. I felt I needed to share more about her, so I thought I would begin with my pregnancy and her birth.

Taylor was born when I was 25 years old. Her dad (Duane) and I had been married close to a year and a half. We were college sweethearts and met when I was a freshman and he was a year older. We dated more on than off for 5 years before we married. He was a teacher (still is) and had taken in job in our college town. When we married in 1987 I moved back to Emporia, where we made our first home. I was working as a para-educator when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor. I was ready to be a mom big time. I had a difficult time with morning sickness (or as I called it all day sickness!) with my first pregnancy. I was exhausted all the time. I can recall the first 3-4 months going to work and coming home and going to bed-waking only to eat dinner. I also had some trouble with early contractions in the last trimester. I was RH-I had neg. blood and Duane had positive. I had to take a couple shots-no big deal. Other than those couple things-oh and being totally paranoid about every weird feeling or twitch-all went smoothly with the pregnancy. We did not know from the sonograms if we were expecting a boy or girl. Taylor just never would give up the info.:) She kept those legs crossed just like a lady should!
I shopped all the time for this baby-still not knowing what the sex was. I decorated her room with a white crib, rocking chair and changing table. I had a friend that made all my bedding-the colors were peach and mint green and the theme was bunnies. Probably a good deal she was a little girl! I washed all her little outfits in DREFT. I gained a lot of weight-60 lbs.! I started out underweight so the dr. never said a word to me. Taylor was due on Mother's Day of 1989. Taylor didn't come on Mother's Day the 13th of May-but my mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all came down for the weekend-boy was I in a rotten mood when I got up that Sunday and had not went into labor. All everyone did all day was watch me for signs-I must have walked 2 miles that day.

Miss Taylor had other ideas-she finally arrived on May 19th at 3:00 am. (which happens to be my sister's birthday!). I was induced after going to my dr. appt. since when they did a stress test there was some indication the baby was under stress. I was in labor for 13 hours with no epidural, and I have made sure to tell my baby girl that countless times :)

Taylor Victoria arrived to our surprise with a full head of black hair, and goodness gracious was she screaming. She weighed 8 pounds 5 oz-when they laid her on my tummy I said "wow she is really heavy." She was perfect in every way and I remember holding her in my room when it was just her and me. I promised her I would do everything I could to make her world safe and happy, and that I would love her forever and always.

Taylor and I had the pleasure of having my mom (Grandma Carolyn) stay with us for a week. We found out right before Taylor was released she was jaundice. I freaked because the nurse made it sound like they would keep Taylor and send me home.
I was having difficulty with Taylor nursing-she liked the bottles they gave her at night (I learned and the other 2 never received a bottle in the hospital). So I was worried for a short time but we were released and sent home to start our lives-it has been a wonderful voyage ever since with my baby girl.

One of the most unique things about Taylor: Taylor's hair color changed within a couple months to deep auburn red (I hadn't even noticed-someone at a dr. appt. said "oh what a cute red-head". I was like where? Then I noticed he was talking to me-makes me wonder if I was overwhelmed or something-duh?)She did draw attention where ever we went and never lost any of her hair.She was wearing barrettes right fairly quickly-otherwise people thought she was a boy?. She had her first haircut at 6 months because the front of her hair was so long it was in her eyes without a barrette. Just so you know my other 2 were pretty close to bald-Taylor got the beautiful hair gene-and not from me.

Now many years later- She came over-3rd night in a row and I don't mind at all-actually I love it! (yes, she is feeling much better!)- she had her hair colored and cut today-her hair is that beautiful deep red again! I love it! Her hair has lightened to a strawberry blond over the years. She looks beautiful any way but I still like it when it is close to her original hair color!) That's my Baby Girl and I am her biggest fan! Ask her!
I will be saying my prayers tonight for her to have a safe drive to Oklahoma to visit a friend this weekend. This is her maiden voyage as a traveler by herself-it is a 4 hour drive. She is spreading those wings! Fly baby Fly!

I will share more about my Taylor next time-it is nice remembering since I am in a sort of mourning for her leaving the nest and if she reads this she may learn something I haven't told her.

Trying to Keep Imagining!