Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She's BACK......and you didn't even know she left!

Say Bye-Bye to BRYAN! The above pic was taken in May 2007 for Taylor's Sr. prom of Tay and Bryan. Doesn't she look beautiful!! (don't look at him-he doesn't matter anymore!!!)

Well, Well, Well... I had not even had the chance to say "Taylor moved back in with Bryan last Friday", mainly because I wasn't thrilled with her decision. I was sad but I knew she would do what she thought was best for her, even though I told her to please think with her head and not her emotions. she had to do it on her own-well I just got woke up from my nap this afternoon and a very good dream I might add (I was dreaming about people and places from my college days-I will share another time-but lets just say I had my share of good times!)-

anyway back to Taylor...she woke me up and said I'm back for good.
I was a little dis-oriented. She wasn't weeping and crying just matter of fact.
He (Bryan, now the EX) wanted her to move back last week but then has been really distant from her since she went back. No one seems to know what is happening with Mr. Bryan (his sister, friends, parents). I haven't seen or spoken to him but I have my theory.I am not angry with him just disappointed big time in the person who has been a part of not only Tay's life but ours as well.

I asked her what her plans now for school next semester were and she said she didn't know-so I said you have a week to come up with a plan and tell me. I am happy she is home but sad she has to go through all she does but I do know she will survive. I have had break ups and a divorce and I survived. I told her I want her to live a fun filled life-she is 19-she deserves friends and fun. She will get there.
She needs to find herself again-go back to her passions-find new hobbies or activities that make her happy.

The bad side of this: Last night Connor laid his claim to Taylor's room downstairs.
This boy worked harder than I have ever seen him work. He moved furniture, cleaned, packed up Taylor's stuff. He took down her mini fridge from college and set it up.
He set up his video game systems. He was so proud-and I was proud of him.
Then sissy comes home today-he was so mad and disappointed at first. Taylor swayed him to her side now-she is taking him shopping for jeans. He is happy again!

so that is the end of today's episode of "OUR CRAZY WORLD SPINS" stayed tuned for
tomorrow's episode when I share the really good news-Rodney heard from the VA!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Tonjia said...

welcome home Taylor!! I think you made the right choice by coming home!

Alice said...

She's definitely going to be just fine. She's got a good momma as an example!