Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Born: Baby Girl is born!

I wrote some about what has been going on with my baby girl, Taylor, who is 19 and in her 2nd year of college. I felt I needed to share more about her, so I thought I would begin with my pregnancy and her birth.

Taylor was born when I was 25 years old. Her dad (Duane) and I had been married close to a year and a half. We were college sweethearts and met when I was a freshman and he was a year older. We dated more on than off for 5 years before we married. He was a teacher (still is) and had taken in job in our college town. When we married in 1987 I moved back to Emporia, where we made our first home. I was working as a para-educator when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor. I was ready to be a mom big time. I had a difficult time with morning sickness (or as I called it all day sickness!) with my first pregnancy. I was exhausted all the time. I can recall the first 3-4 months going to work and coming home and going to bed-waking only to eat dinner. I also had some trouble with early contractions in the last trimester. I was RH-I had neg. blood and Duane had positive. I had to take a couple shots-no big deal. Other than those couple things-oh and being totally paranoid about every weird feeling or twitch-all went smoothly with the pregnancy. We did not know from the sonograms if we were expecting a boy or girl. Taylor just never would give up the info.:) She kept those legs crossed just like a lady should!
I shopped all the time for this baby-still not knowing what the sex was. I decorated her room with a white crib, rocking chair and changing table. I had a friend that made all my bedding-the colors were peach and mint green and the theme was bunnies. Probably a good deal she was a little girl! I washed all her little outfits in DREFT. I gained a lot of weight-60 lbs.! I started out underweight so the dr. never said a word to me. Taylor was due on Mother's Day of 1989. Taylor didn't come on Mother's Day the 13th of May-but my mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all came down for the weekend-boy was I in a rotten mood when I got up that Sunday and had not went into labor. All everyone did all day was watch me for signs-I must have walked 2 miles that day.

Miss Taylor had other ideas-she finally arrived on May 19th at 3:00 am. (which happens to be my sister's birthday!). I was induced after going to my dr. appt. since when they did a stress test there was some indication the baby was under stress. I was in labor for 13 hours with no epidural, and I have made sure to tell my baby girl that countless times :)

Taylor Victoria arrived to our surprise with a full head of black hair, and goodness gracious was she screaming. She weighed 8 pounds 5 oz-when they laid her on my tummy I said "wow she is really heavy." She was perfect in every way and I remember holding her in my room when it was just her and me. I promised her I would do everything I could to make her world safe and happy, and that I would love her forever and always.

Taylor and I had the pleasure of having my mom (Grandma Carolyn) stay with us for a week. We found out right before Taylor was released she was jaundice. I freaked because the nurse made it sound like they would keep Taylor and send me home.
I was having difficulty with Taylor nursing-she liked the bottles they gave her at night (I learned and the other 2 never received a bottle in the hospital). So I was worried for a short time but we were released and sent home to start our lives-it has been a wonderful voyage ever since with my baby girl.

One of the most unique things about Taylor: Taylor's hair color changed within a couple months to deep auburn red (I hadn't even noticed-someone at a dr. appt. said "oh what a cute red-head". I was like where? Then I noticed he was talking to me-makes me wonder if I was overwhelmed or something-duh?)She did draw attention where ever we went and never lost any of her hair.She was wearing barrettes right fairly quickly-otherwise people thought she was a boy?. She had her first haircut at 6 months because the front of her hair was so long it was in her eyes without a barrette. Just so you know my other 2 were pretty close to bald-Taylor got the beautiful hair gene-and not from me.

Now many years later- She came over-3rd night in a row and I don't mind at all-actually I love it! (yes, she is feeling much better!)- she had her hair colored and cut today-her hair is that beautiful deep red again! I love it! Her hair has lightened to a strawberry blond over the years. She looks beautiful any way but I still like it when it is close to her original hair color!) That's my Baby Girl and I am her biggest fan! Ask her!
I will be saying my prayers tonight for her to have a safe drive to Oklahoma to visit a friend this weekend. This is her maiden voyage as a traveler by herself-it is a 4 hour drive. She is spreading those wings! Fly baby Fly!

I will share more about my Taylor next time-it is nice remembering since I am in a sort of mourning for her leaving the nest and if she reads this she may learn something I haven't told her.

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Alice said...

What a lovely post. I hope she reads it and knows how much she is loved. I will tell you, after I graduated from college my mom and I became even closer. She is my closest friend and at 32 I still want my mama when I'm sick!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


And thanks for your comment about the campaign. :)


Ness said...

I loved this post. What is it with first borns and the hair? Kelli Lynne needed a blow dryer when she came home from the hospital and today it is down to her waist, dark brown and shiny and she will be 31 the 19th of this month. Beautiful story. Look forward to hearing more.

Tonjia said...

this is a beautiful, heartfelt post. I know they have to grow wings and venture out, but dont you wish you could keep those apron strings attached for just a little longer?