Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stepping Back in Time

Guess where I got to go Sunday??? I will give you a hint-I saw the king and queen, I stood very close to some scary looking pirates, there were musician, camels, elephants, knights, princesses, fairy's, mermaids, jousting and so much more.I was surrounded by people from another time and place and it was so much fun...and I didn't even have to leave Kansas City! the KC Rennissance Festival! The food was good too...turkey legs, beer,chicken strips and chips, beer, corn on the cob, apple dumplings, freshly made cinnamon almonds-mmmmm! (and yes I said beer twice!) It was a great Fall day to be outside. It felt good to go somewhere and not have to worry or think about "reality" for a few hours. If you ever get the chance to go-do it. They have been having this for years and I have been four times now. Connor would have loved it too-but he had a soccer game-next year.

Miss Carley and her BF Chris. He is in choir and she came along to watch and take pics for yearbook. My mom, Taylor and I came to enjoy the gorgeous weather and spend some time together. My mom had never been before so it was fun watching her see all there was to see. It can be a bit overwhelming. We did enjoy hearing the GEHS choir perform. Carley didn't have to use her ticket so i got in FREE!
The 1st show we saw came highly recommended-it was the Washin Wench's-very funny with a lot of audience participation-especially the men! We had to yell loud at times just so our side of the audience wouldn't get wet! Made us laugh so that can't be bad!

One of the 2 shows we watched was one featuring the "Jolly Rogers"-a Pirate Singing Group. I had heard of them before because one of the medics in Rodney's unit used to be a member of the group. They were very entertaining but the kind of humor you hope goes over the top of kids heads. LOL
The Huzzah and Cheers Parade
The Cast of Characters were all so much fun to watch (they are all volunteers who do this from Labor Day weekend to Columbus Day, every weekend rain or shine.

The Queen and King waving to their Royal subjects
My mom and Taylor enjoying time together
Taylor posing with the Blue Mime Man (this is a big deal for her since clowns etc.. freak her out!)
GEHS Choir Group Performing at the Festival
Carley Modeling Chris's Hat
Chris and Carley as Robin Hood and Maid Merriam
Trying to Keep Imagining!

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Amy said...

That looks like so much fun. I've never been to anything like that before. Luke's class will be going on a field trip to Midevial Times in Orlando next spring, I'll have to tag along!
I've been thinking about Rodney lately. I saw Big World, Little People Monday night and Matt (the dad) went to Iraq to help a family with three little people. These kids loved our troops and trusted them with their lives. I was shocked at how scarry it was...still. It was clear that out troops are making a huge difference in the lives of many families there. Tell Rodney thanks for keeping our homeland safe.
Have a great day!! I'm going to see one of the quads today!! I'm making dinner for Mom & Dad. Jillian is the only one at home right now but the boys should be home soon.