Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Political Weigh In

I have tried to keep my political views out of this blog for a few reasons, the most important being that I have never been a person that knew about or even followed politics. I love history but the political machine was something I found very complicated and to be honest ugly and unpleasant. The other main reason for not sharing my opinions now that I have some (yes I do now, but who couldn't in this campaign)-I was raised one way and that our family votes for this party-for that reason I never have claimed to be a democrat or republican (I know I am such a rebel!). My dad voted for Nixon back in the day and he never told my grandfather-they both took it to their graves. Weird I think! I do know I am an American and I do vote-it is my right as a citizen. I can have my own opinions and make my own choices-because I am an American! What I don't like to do is discuss my views with others especially if they think their chosen candidate or party in some cases-has all the answers and will basically debate you. I have a lot of issues with the down and dirty ads. I also have problems with people who say that candidate is this or that-where it sounds racist or picks on the candidates background as a child or young adult-to me that is a big turn off. I know I am probably going to piss some readers off-that is not my intention. I am just sharing how I feel and what I don't like about this whole election process.

So how am I going to decide who to vote for?? Educating myself-checking the voting records and the facts that both presidential candidates throw out. I have issues that are close to my heart this time around-such as wounded veteran issues and the treatment of returning soldiers. I care of course about the economy and how it is adversely affecting my family. I wonder will we ever be able to buy a home. I don't like when others come to me and state a fact that they have no idea how true it is or I am forwarded something that is more like a scare tactic to make one candidate look better than another. That is wrong-making an educated vote is something I will do otherwise I wonder if I should vote at all-to have clear consious and vote to the best of my knowledge-that is what I can do and what I will do. Sorry grandpa!

I have been reading books-I just finished John McCain's book-it was a good book that I enjoyed and gave me some insight to how he became to be who he is. I am also reading what I can about Obama. I have made no clear cut decision. I have watched the 1st presidential debate and the VP debate-I didn't watch the one tonight-but I will on the Internet.
The one thing I have done is go to the fact checker info. on tonight's debate. It is here if you would like to have a look., on MSNBC on fact checking for tonights debate. It is worth the time. Click here!
Trying to Keep Imagining!

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Alice said...

You are doing the right thing. Get the FACTS yourself. Seperate the truth from rhetoric and vote for the candidate that makes the most sense to YOU.