Saturday, October 18, 2008

VA Rating

We got the word the other day that Rod's VA rating was decided on Oct. 15. The decision was a 100 percent disability. This is a temp rating but is retro active back to April. So there is a light at the end of the 2 year tunnel-allowing myself to feel hope. We got the paperwork yesterday so I guess it is real-it will be more real when we get a check!! Pretty sure this means the army will medically retire him now and let the VA deal with his medical issues. He will have to go in front of a med board for the Army to rate his disability through them. So still some waiting and some questions about the logistics of what will happen and when but like I said I am allowing myself to hope.. but not imagining too much yet other than paying off bills and not having the worry of if the craziness of military red tape will last
FOREVER! Not sure how the VA road will be, but we are ready for a different path for sure. I will post more about how they came to the 100 percent rating-kinda surprising and weird what they gave the highest ratings for.
Trying to Keep Imagining!


Ness said...

I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!! My faith has been restored that they take care of their own. My son was standing here and gave a big HOOAH for your family.

Tonjia said...

HOORAY!!! This is GREAT news! Thank goodness someone pulled their head out of the netherlands and made the right decision.

We had such a difficult and impossible experience with the Air Force that I almost lost faith in the US military. This makes me feel much better. YAY Army!

SgtSudsWife said...

Good news!Thank goodness.I hope things start working themselves out for you and your family.Take care!

jojo said...

This is wonderful news and hopefully the beginning of the end on this long, long, road. take care...;)