Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Randomness About ?

I have felt the call of the "blog" all day but I wasn't feeling what to write about. Still pretty uninspired..so I was thinking about an update of the random things that have been happening in our lives. Hopefully I will start to feel more motivated some time this week to write something a little more exciting but for now this is it.

* I really cannot believe September is over-tomorrow October begins I need to get out my fall decorations-which I love but it is not my favorite month since we are coming up on Oct. 12th-the anniversary of Rodney being wounded. I started my blog around this time last year-so that's a better anniversary to celebrate.

* I haven't talked much about Taylor over the last few months. Taylor and her boyfriend of 3 years (now her fiance) are engaged.They have been since August. Let's just say I have had more than a hard time accepting that fact because she is so young (19) and still in school. It has nothing to do with Bryan-I care for him and he is a great guy. I just don't feel they are ready-in other words I had my own ideas about what I thought her life should look like. I know that is probably in the not to do in the good parenting guide. I am supporting her in her decisions as best I can. She did make some decisions that I did not agree with pertaining to school. She decided to commute an hour each way to school in Topeka, 3 days a week instead of live there. I thought this stupid-point blank. The price of gas and the time she would spend driving to and from. I could not support it. I felt she was just using home as a hotel and wasn't helping out and wasn't taking responsibility for even her living space here. I basically told her-live at school or find some where else to live-you cannot imagine how it broke my heart-I was telling my baby girl she couldn't live at home. The amazing thing is that she has become a more responsible young woman-she bought a newer more gas efficient car on her own, works every day at a day care, goes to school MWF, and pays her own bills. She and her fiance are living with his sister and kids. She seems ok. She is learning how to manage her own life. I miss her so much sometimes but I know she has to do what she has to do-good or bad she has to make the mistakes and learn from them. She still does need her momma though...she is not feeling well at all right now. fever, body aches, cough and chills. She didn't go to work obviously so she called me to come get her and take care of her. I did and it was so nice-we love spending time together now. Not sure how things will work out with her and Bryan or when they will get married, but I do know SHE STILL NEEDS ME SOMETIMES! WOOOOOHOOO!

* Rodney signed the paperwork yesterday to apply to be put into a Wounded Warrior Transition Unit and be on active duty orders. This will mean he will get all the medical issues re-looked at and taken care of by the Army. Pray he is accepted.
It will mean he has to live at the Fort but it will mean he will receive the care he needs and deserves. We will deal with the distance-It won't be Iraq!

* I am the volunteer parent meal coordinator for the High School band. I organized a picnic for the band kids and families last Saturday. It turned out to be an awesome day and I think everyone had fun and there fill of food. Taylor was helping me (which was very cool). She said afterwards that she enjoyed seeing me in my element again. I don't think I have shared that I used to have a career I loved.
I worked for a Parks and Recreation department for 10 years. I did many special events right in the same park I did this BBQ/picnic. I did feel a little like me again. having something to concentrate on does help me not be so focused on all the military crap-can't be a bad thing!

* Carley is busy, busy busy! She has so much going on I hardly see her for more than an hour or so each evening. She is growing up too! She will be Sweet 16 in November. I wish I could afford to give her a big b-day bash but with the way the checkbook looks these days that isn't going to happen.

* Connor is going through a growth spurt. He is eating me out of house and home. He is only 11 and he is already 5 ft. 3 inches! He grew an inch over the last month!
Seriously he is as tall as Carley now! I measured them back to back on Labor day weekend and he was still shorter than her-not now! Connor is very skinny but all muscle-he has a six pack at his age. He has a giant foot too-size 7 1/2!
He is busy with soccer and will play year round now except during baseball season.
We need to keep him busy or he finds too much trouble-he is my challenging child-but he is also very funny and knows it. What is the deal with pre-teen boys and their body functions being so damn funny- especially around your mom and sister?

Well that was longer than I thought but still random.
Have a great Wednesday!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Ness said...

You're doing great, Tracy. One day at a time. Good call on Taylor...the birds sometimes fly before we're ready for them to. Keeping you in my prayers that all goes well with Rodney's latest situation.

Tonjia said...

Tracy, I know it must have torn your heart out to make that decision with Taylor, but it sounds like she is really doing great and making you proud.

Rodney is in my prayers, did you say he will have to live at the Fort? How far away from the family is that?

Amy said...

I hate to think of my babies growing up and making their own choices...good and bad. I'm trying to enjoy them as much as possible right now. Austin is starting with the pre-teen stuff and I'm not so cool anymore.
I think you did the right thing with Taylor. She is learing what the real world is all about now. I'm sure she loves having you there to lend a helping hand.
I loved reading about your band function. It's great to do the things that make us who we are. I just love being a mom and I know you do too.
Austin has grown so much thins year too. He only wears a 6 1/2 but his pants are 32's!!! I'm not sure how tall? I think Austin and Connor would get along great. You should move here to St.Pete. We could do parties!!
I need to go get my boys from school.
love ya1

jojo said...

Oh it is the hardest thing...letting those birds test their wings...it's heart-tugging for sure. You and Rodney have obviously done a fantastic job with Taylor...she sounds like a wonderful young woman.

I will be praying that everything works out for Rodney and for the rest of your family too ;)

jojo said...

Yay for red-heads...we must unite:)