Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ready For Some SOCCER!

Edit update: Connor's team tied their final game also. 0-0. So three ties for the tourney-better than losses!
Practicing before the game!
After Booting the Ball down field!
Connor playing GOALIE-ready for some action!

Fancy Footwork!
Soccer season is in full swing for Connor. This weekend he had a tournament (Prison Break Tournament held in Leavenworth-a play on words since there are 2 prisons in Leavenworth- :)-today they are playing their final game. I didn't go today just too much to catch up on and I am the person in charge of planning the meal for the H. S. band members (130) for the game this coming Friday night-I had to get on that. Rodney is on orders so he is home at night but has to work 7 days a week until this emergency hurricane assistance deployment is over.So thank goodness for Grandma/mam-mam-she took Connor as well as Carley and BF Chris to the game.
Anyway the Connor's Team tied both their games so they didn't have enough points to move up in the tourney. Those boys played their hearts out and obviously held the competition just didn't score those points to win. I can really see an improvement over last year. It was fun but a long drive each day-an hour there and an hour back.
Love to see my boo play his favorite sport! He had a Friend/team-mate spend the night last night so he has had a good weekend.

PS Keep my nephew Zach in your prayers had emergency surgery Friday night to have his appendix out. He is doing OK but will be a hardship on him to miss the time off work for him to recover. Saw him in the hospital last evening-he was pretty out of it! Had to leave his 22nd b-day party to be taken to the ER-but a very good thing he did!

Keep Imagining!

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