Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Plans for Tommorow

I have big plans for Friday early am-but it is something no one looks forward to I am almost certain-the dreaded (drum roll) Colonoscopy! I will also have the privilege of having something stuck down my throat-an endoscopy. I have been having stomach and intestinal issues so they are just making sure everything is a ok. I also have some family history.

I have had one previously- it was not a pleasant experience. No worse than just the routine procedure-I didn't go to SLEEP! I was awake and aware of what was happening. This ain't happening tomorrow-I want to be knocked out-even if they have to hit me over the head with a hammer.

My Taylor is taking me-brave 19 year old taking care of her momma after she is all looped out on some good drugs (hopefully).

I have already done the prep which is a type of torture I am sure-trying to drowned me in Gatorade mixed with laxative-1 gallon in 2 hours-didn't look so hard until your realize just how much fluid that really is way too much! The good news is I am good and cleaned out-probably TMI but hey as we get older some of the bodily function thing we go through don't seem like such a huge deal.

I have read they are coming up with a better way to do this who deal-sooner better than later would be good

So if you could send up a few prayers for me in the am-much appreciated!
Oh and if you have family history of colon cancer or polyps-get tested, it is uncomfortable and a little embarrasing, but who cares your health is more important-right? Didn't some celebrity have one and broadcast it live-Katie Couric?

Trying to Keep Imagining!

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