Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girl in Red

My child is spreading her thespian wings once again-Carley has a lead part in the Fall H. S. musical. She actually will have lines as well as be singing a ....solo! She will play "Little Red Riding Hood".
She almost didn't try out after not making the tennis team but she says I made her try out-well my making her how ever I did that got her a part she is so very excited about. The play is "Into the Woods" which I have never heard of nor seen. The director is new this year and has won awards directing this show previously. So I am looking forward to seeing it!

Actually when I found out over the phone while driving down the interstate-I screamed and said "good things can happen to our family". So I live for more exciting good things in the future.Please! I need some fun and good news!!!!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The lead? That is AWESOME news. Maybe someday we can all say we "knew" her when!


Tonjia said...

Hi Tracy! I am new to your blog and I love it!

This blogging world has brought so many of us together, and I am so happy that I found yours. Where do you live in Kansas? I used to live in southeast Kansas, and worked in Coffeyville.

you are no on my favorites, be prepared for lots of comments from me. :-)

btw you have an awesome family. please thank your husband for me, for his dedication, his service and his sacrifice..

Amy said...

You go girl!!!
Congrats Carley!!!!

dlyn said...

Hi Tracey - you commented on my daughter Lauren's blog and I wanted to come over and thank your family for the sacrifices you have all made - praying that your husband recovers even more than they anticipate now. blessings!