Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Following the Procedures...

I cannot believe it is Tuesday already-things have been not so good around here-I had the procedures done last Friday.
I survived through the prep which is never a good time. Taylor was here bright and early Friday morning to escort her mama to the hospital. I wasn't worried-except for one certain detail-I wanted to be sure and go to sleep during the procedures because of last time..I did not want a repeat performance. Well...guess what..
It was so much worse. I remember every horrible, painful minute! Can you freaking believe it! They gave me everything sedation wise they could-and I remember. It was not pretty-I came out crying. No one even acknowledged that I was aware of what was going on. As far as the test results-the colonoscopy was clean but the endoscopy showed that I had some major inflammation going on, with what could be the start of some ulcers. Loverly! Stress and Pepsi apparently aren't the best coping skills used in everyday life! I knew my body was not dealing with the stress of the last year and a half-but now I know for sure.

But the story doesn't end there-oh no-it seems my dr. was a little rough with the colonoscopy (I remember)-I have been given several versions of why what happened to me happened but I really think I will not have another one! I have been in pain and running a fever until today.

I went to my primary dr. yesterday...well he ordered me in! He sent me over for a cat scan after finding no real bowel sounds and because my abdomen was super sensitive to touch.

5 hours later Rodney and I are finally on our way home-the results not as bad as we expected (not the Dr. expected)-I have inflammation in the upper part of my colon and my liver enzymes were elevated in my blood tests. Feeling better today but who would have thought it would take 4-5 days to recover from a routine procedure.

So lots of fluids and rest and see the dr. again next week.
Trying to Keep Imagining!


Ness said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that procedure totally aware! I have only had one and it may be my last because of the way they run people through these tests like cattle being branded. Feel better soon!

SgtSudsWife said...

Hi Tracy!

First I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog.I would also like to say thank you to your husband and you and your family for the sacrifices you have all made for our country.I plan on reading lots more of your blog.It is nice to meet fellow Army Wives.

Hope you are feeling better soon.I am sorry you had what sounds like another terrible experience.Take care!

Dana said...

I found you through your comment on Amber's blog and also wanted to say thank you to you, your husband, and your family for your sacrifices. I have read some of your blog and plan to continue reading.

jojo said...

This is exactly why I refuse to have this test! uh--oh, I use the pepsi/stress theory too;) Sorry you had such a rough time and hope you are feeling better soon. Take care...

Alice said...

Oh, dear. I'm so sorry. I'm pretty sure my husband is going to need one soon, too. I'm not looking forward to that.

I hope you are getting better. Prayres for a speedy recovery!