Monday, September 1, 2008

Not Going to Louisiana!

Rodney just came home after a long day at the armoury getting all the paperwork together for the unit to go to Louisiana in the am. Rodney is not able to go due to his condition-he has a cpap machine (there will no electricity in the tents), he can't lift or be in a vehicle for 24 hours with his legs the way they still are,and he also has an issue with bleeding heavily still when cut at all (bled for 25 minutes from a bug bite on his ear?? the other day). So his Lt. Col. said you are not going Spc. Price you still have issues! He will be working at the rear-detachment while the unit is gone. He is happier tonight-he was really stressed out and worried. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.
Tommorow we start the fight to find out when and what is going to happen with him-disability or temp retired list or whatever is supposed to happen.
Keep Imagining!

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liberal army wife said...

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the NG doesn't continue to be FUBAR. Having been NG family for a loooooonnnnggg time - well, I'll keep hoping.