Saturday, September 20, 2008

Immediate Prayers Needed for Nephew

UPDATE: 9/21/2008 Ethan is home with his parents doing much better. He was released after they did many tests. They think it was heat exhaustion and dehydration. He needs some rest and to follow up with his dr. here at home. He most likely won't be running for a while till his body recovers. Praying he will be able to return to the sport he loves.
Ethan and his family on H. S. Graduation Day

My nephew, Ethan, who is a freshman in college and on the cross country team collapsed this morning after running a race in Joplin, Mo. My sister and Brother-in-law were there. My sister rode in the ambulance with Ethan. He was having difficulty breathing and wasn't opening up his eyes to respond. He has a history of asthma. We don't know much at this point. Please pray that he will be ok!!!!
Thanks so much!
Trying to Keep Imagining!

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jojo said...

I'm glad that Ethan is doing better. I will say a prayer for his continued recovery.