Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friday Night H. S. Football on Monday Night

Band, FB players and Color Guard-the H. S. Football Game Experience

Carley with Color Guard performing school fight song

Carley riding her "Wicked" witch broom

Be prepared for a long story-Ready! Set! Hike!
Last Friday night was our high school's home opener and the community was geared up and ready to roll. Go Trailblazers!!!! I was excited to see Miss Carley perform in her first FB half-time show as a color guard member.

Yeah it had been raining and I was a little concerned but never in 30 years had a FB game been cancelled due to weather. So we were a go- I was there early in my band parent in charge of meals mode, making sure 130 band students were feed before they changed into their uniforms for the big half-time show featuring songs from the musical "Wicked" (this is an important part of the story to recall later :)

I had been conferring with parents all week via email and we were set-all my helpers in place, the sloppy Joe's, potato salad, veggies and dip, fruit plates, chip and cookies as well as drinks were ready to go-I was thrilled that I had pulled it all together on my first time doing the job. We have great band parents!

The kids were starting to fill up there plates and eat. Connor was with me, waiting for his dad to come pick him up-he was being his regular annoying 11 year old self.

Carley had drove home to get part of her color guard uniform and was stopping to get something to eat-because she is miss picky pants when it comes to what she eats-no really she is so, so, picky-so she wasn't back at the school yet. Rodney had just arrived.

Then things got a little exciting-people were yelling and saying go to the storm shelter, keep the kids orderly, keep them quiet-we can't hear that the tornado sirens are even going off in the school. I am thinking you have got to be kidding me! I don't know where Carley is, Rodney takes off to do his manly version of watching for twisters and Connor and I proceed downstairs to the stinky locker rooms with over 130 kids and parents while their food sat upstairs on the tables. It was annoying but for safety and all-we did what we needed to do. I just tried to breath through my mouth and manage an 11 year old who doesn't do standing in one place for very long well.

We got the all-clear and returned to the commons to finish serving food. I swear to you it wasn't 10 minutes later and we again had to take cover-the kids leaving there food behind again! This time was for a much longer period-we heard there were 4 tornado's that touched down in surrounding communities. Game was still on though-just postponed for a 1/2 hour. So we waited again..... finally we were able to go upstairs and finish getting the kids fed and start cleaning up.

We did really well on predicting how much food we would need-didn't have much left over. The band kids are back getting dressed. The color guard had on their makeup.
Everyone was ready to go. I was heading out the door to go home and change and pick up Rodney who had left with Connor earlier-when what to you think happened..
They cancelled the game! First time in 30 years-no due to rain, not due to snow but due to tornado's! I can't help but wonder if it was from the huge Hurricane Ike in the gulf-some of the bands reaching clear up to the Midwest.

Remember the "Wicked" reference-well it is loosely based on the Wizard of Oz but from the witches point of view-"Wizard of Oz"-tornado's-Kansas: We had it all-The weather changed many peoples plans on Friday night..but we made it up and did Monday Night Football instead and we won the game plus the half-time show was awesome.
So all is good! We don't have another home game until October 3rd-probably will snow!

Keep Imagining!

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Faithful Froggers said...

WOW! So glad you and your family are safe. I loved the football pics. :)