Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rodney Still Waiting

Not anything to exciting happening with Rod, (he did go back again to his civilian job today after the hurricane assistance deployment),but since I hadn't mentioned it since the beginning of the month I thought I would give you all a short update. He went to his civilian primary dr. last week and had a full physical. The dr. filled out what is called a physician statement. It states all of his medical issues that are still present or that have gotten worse since being let off of medhold in March. The dr. had pretty much point blank say how each issue was a result of being wounded in action and/or service related. It was faxed to the State Surgeons office and will go to a board to see if they agree he needs to be put back on orders and all of the medical issues taken care of.This is all supposed to be expedited from here. We will see. I really hope so!!! We just want something positive to happen and get on down the road and know he will be taken care of for life and that financially he receive what is coming to him benefit wise. I know the economy more than stinks right now-for us it has especially during the last 2 years.

Rodney's Wounds Such as:
1. A hernia that is 3x time larger (located in the abdominal incision that was done in Iraq to save his life) and obviously needs to be surgically repaired.
The dr. told him not to do sit up or exercise that uses the stomach muscles. He is also supposed to be very cautious with lifting.

2. Chronic outer ear infections (they started after his return home and we have been told there is some sort of bacteria in the dirt in Iraq that can do funky things).

3.The PTSD(he has had several episodes in recent months during thunder storms).

4. Rehab on his legs-they hurt and bother him on a daily basis. Never properly rehabbed so still very weak muscles-and nerve damage around his knee where he cannot feel even a needle stick.

5. The bleeding heavily and bruising easily issue.

I think those are the major things-at least all I can think of for now. My memory isn't working at tip top shape these days. I am so tired of worrying about medical issues, going to dr. appt.s etc.. With getting old, the stress and his wounds it seems like that is our main topic of conversation is health!

Wonder when will I start talking about the weather all the time (remember that really cold Fall in 1995) and telling my kids about their cousin in Arkansas they met once, just like my Grandma used to do soon. LOL
I could do worse my Grandma was a fun and loving person that always made me laugh.
I would love to laugh-that would feel really good!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Dana said...

You are so strong! It is unfortunate that you have to literally fight for what you both deserve! Don't give in. I will keep your entire family in my prayers!

Tracy said...

I wish I was as strong as people think-I have a hard time even getting out of my PJ's most days-
but thanks for saying so Dana!

Amy said...

I had some catching up to do on your blog. I'm sorry about that test you had done, it sounds awful. Maybe the stress of having to take the test is what really stressed you out...or pushed you over the edge. lol Things are never easy are they? I have a tooth that has bothering me so I went to the dentist and he filled it. It still hurts after having it filled 3 times in the past 3 weeks. I'm looking at a root canal now...what fun!!
I am praying that you get good news for Rodney soon. He needs to get better so he can take care of you.
love ya

Ness said...

Tracy, with all you have going on and you found the time to keep me and mine going during my daughter's recent hospitalization. What a wonderful friend and person you are! I have kept Rodney's situation in my prayers and know that God will take care of him. I have actively campaigned for better treatment for our returning vets and it will happen.

SgtSudsWife said...

I hope that this will start getting taken care of as quickly as possible.I am keeping you and your family in our prayers.Please tell Rodney we are all thinking of him.

I really enjoy reading your blog.You have a beautiful family.Good thing you all have each other through these tough times.Take care.