Friday, September 12, 2008

Galveston on my mind

I have been watching the weather and I am very concerned about Hurricane Ike's path right into one of my favorite spots to visit. We spent this last spring break there and had a great, relaxing time with my mom and Carley. I had visited there many years previous as a college student-not that I remember too much about that particular visit other than there was a beach and they sold beer.:)
I have read a great deal about the 1900 Hurricane that killed 6000 and destroyed a lot of the city. There are some amazing old buildings there I cannot imagine never seeing again. Luckily there much more sophisticated weather prediction now so people are safer, but it doesn't change the destruction ability of the storm. They built the sea wall-but I wonder if it is tall enough. I love this city!
On MSN news they said that this is the storm the people of Galveston prayed would never happen. I pray most people in the area have taken the advice of evacuating. I just can't imagine what the Texas Gulf coast(including Houston and Corpus) will look like when this horrible storm is over. It just isn't getting the media attention that anything going towards Louisiana has. We even heard yesterday that Rodney's guard unit was heading back today-seems like they should be moving closer to where there is going to be more people in need in a few short hours.
Praying Ike will fizzle out...If you live in that area stay safe and I am thinking about you and your homes.
Trying to Keep Imagining!


jojo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I just love it when new people leave me a long as it's not a nasty one! Your post on Galveston was sweet...I have also read much about the 1900 incident and I am praying things will be better this time. It looks bad ;(

Please drop by again...I'll do the same ;)

Kelsey said...

I have been praying for the town non stop!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I sent my thoughts to you by email. I would be happy to chat more with you, if you wish.