Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In recognition of Valentine's Day I thought I would share a list of a few of my favorite things (in no particular order)
1.Breakfast buffets
2.Songs by Mercy Me
3.sitting in a room with a fireplace
4.Bubble Baths
5.Shopping for gifts for others
6.Sincere signs of graditude and even hearing a Thank You from my kids
7.Traveling to new places
8.Chocolate Pie (I miss my grandma's homemade version so much!)
9.Reading a book that makes me smile, cry and feel inspired
10. Looking through old pictures and videos
11. Taking pictures and editing them to share
12. Putting together slideshows to show to others
13. Laughing so hard I cry (it has always happened a lot with my sister!)
14. Remembering my dad's stories
15. Seeing my children succeed and seeing them shine
16. Sitting on the Beach-the sand, the air and the water
17. Shopping and having lunch with my mom
18. New PJ's
19. When my house is clean and organized
20. Seeing my husband in his uniform
21. A big fountain pepsi with crushed ice
22. Playing scrabble with my family-and being the one to win :)
23. Hugs!
24. History-especially American
25. Disney world!
26. Watching my daughter Taylor Dance and hearing her sing (I miss it so much!)
27. Planning parties for my family
28. Going to church
29. Warm weather and going barefoot
30. Pedicures, Manicures, facials etc..
31. Snuggling with my dog and cat (not at the same time usually)
32. Seeing my husband for even a few days on leave when he was deployed
33. The color Purple
34. Blogging and getting comments
35. Unexpected calls from friends
36. When we have $ in the bank
37. Shoes and purses
38. Surprises-the good kind
39. Dancing
40. Spring Time
41. Having all my family sit down to dinner at the table for a meal
42. Praying and knowing it does make a difference
43. driving my Suzuki-my new vehicle
44. Hearing my kids laugh and have a good time together
Just a few-ok 44!!! of my favorite things!(one for each of my 44 years on earth :)
Keep Imagining!


Kristi from NY said...

It was fun to read your list...all things to be thankful for and a good reminder of the blessings each of have in our lives.

Happy Valentines Day!

Amy said...

Happy Valentines Day!!
One thing I really like is having friends like you. You have been so kind to me and really put your heart out, and we've never met. I am so greatful to be able to learn things from you and your family. It's just nice to know you!!
*I love the slideshow too!!