Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Women...I can't figure them out???

UGH!!!!! *&^$#*&^!@*+"? (cursing!!!)

I have been feeling like I am back in High School lately. I did it once and that was more than enough. The experience of dealing with girls/ladies/grown women can be challenging and very confusing to me. Seems weird since I am one of them???

I recently became part of a crazy weird situation and now feel ostrasized for a reason I am not sure of. I don't think I did anything but I apprently pissed them off in some way or I am not possibly good enough to be their friend (yeah right).

After everything that has happened in my family's world in the last three years these were the people who were supposed to understand and be there to support each other. It is so insane, but I can't get it out of my head. I want to know what has happened and if it is a misunderstanding straighten it out and if not know where I stand so I can be there in my own defense. It is so disheartening. Women can be so petty and mean!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Dana said...

I have learned that some women never get over high school. Why anyone would want to continue to live high school forever is beyond me, but they do. I'll be your friend, drama free :) With all that you have been through you really just dont have time for people like that. Cut your losses and move on.

Tracy said...

Thanks Dana...that is really good advice! I think you are probably right about cutting my losses. I want to let it go, it is bugging me so much.


The Muse said...

it has been one of the greatest trials of my life...alas sigh, my dearest friends tend to be males...

when you figure that out..let me know too!

but i agree with Dana..dont waste time...your worth more that that!

Cheers for a happy new year!!

The Muse said...

hoping you are well!! :)