Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One step Foward-10 step back

last week was stress and emotional time..many parts of the equation which includes get med boarded out, getting Social Security straightened out on the fact he is a 100 percent disable veteran according to the VA...plus dealing with our own frustrations of a system that doesn't care or most likely in my opinion just not functional. Believe me...I call out all the contacts I have and start bombarding them with our case. It takes it's toll on on everyday life, our own sanity and the ability to trust what other's tell us...we need it in writing, verbal isn't good enough anymore. I am worn down and tired but cannot give up...really thinking hard about the media but the state of Kansas has a way of turning it around that it is somehow our incompetence. UggHHHHHH! The fight continues but what i am finding out is that i know more now than many people in paid positions...kinds make you go HMMMMMM!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


The Muse said...

Tracy, amen and amen...and i so KNOW the trials and tribulations...i'll keep you both in thought and prayer.

Anonymous said...

Tracy I am not sure how I came across your BLOG, however, that doesn't matter. Please don't give up. The red tape will get stuck to you many times (I know from a different kind of experience) but continue to persevere and you and your family WILL COME OUT ON TOP. You should be proud of what you are trying to do and I hope you find someone to hear or write your story from YOUR POINT OF VIEW---NOT FROM WHAT THEY THINK THEY HEAR! G-d Bless You and Your Family! Thank you for the sacrifice your husband and family have made for me.

Jodi from IL

This is the story of.... said...

I am holding your hand, giving you all the support you need. I am working on a media campaign with a combat vet spouse whose husband is incarcerated see my post


I am determined to do whatever it takes to bring public awareness we need to the plight of our returning veterans.