Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick kinda boring Update

Summer is moving along here in Kansas! The weather is warm and we have had our share of thunderstorms-thank goodness nothing too bad!
Both Carley and Taylor are working at the Aquatic Center and getting in lots of hours. Carley received her very first REAL paycheck last week-she was more than excited but learned in a hurry how quick the $ goes. She left for a mission trip last Saturday with her church youth group. They are in Philedelphia spreading the gospel and seeing what inner city life is all about. She had a difficult time the first night-too many people in the sleeping accomadations and no air conditioner-she was a little upset, tired and hot-all will work out and she will touch some lives as well as have her heart touched and her eyes opended.

Connor has been busy with baseball. He is not on a competition team this year so the pressure is not there-he is shining! He has gotten to pitch which he never was allowed to try on the other teams. They have won all but one game. He has a pool pass so spends many afternoons at the aquatic center hanging with friends. He starts swim lessons next week-probably for the last year since he is on the last level and part fish! He will be taking an RV trip with my mom and step-dad sometime in July. He is looking forward to that because he will get to sleep in the "uptop" sleeping area. Maybe a soccer and theater camp as well this summer.

No real vacation plans with Rodney just going back to work and gas being so outrageous.Taylor and her group went camping last weekend-I was shocked since I really didn't think she was the camping type-I never was! She is in and out so much I have to look to see if her car is home.Work, sleep, shopping and spending time with Bryan and her friends is her agenda. I remember the days!

Rodney is adjusting back to work. We are still waiting after more than 2 months to get his medical records from Camp Robinson in Arkansas. Very furstrating-I am very close to calling my friend in DC-that usually gets things moving. Rodney along with 2 other soldiers will be grand marshalls in an upcoming area parade. It is a great honor!
Me-not much other than keeping everyone else in line. I need to find my own things to do-just cant get motivated (exercise,friends,hobbies,job or school). Not sure what is holding me back. I have a dr. appt. for a sonogram next week on my ovaries-oh joy! I get to drink enough to fill my bladder just like when I was pregnant.
Well that wasn't really quick but covers what has been happening here-nothing to exciting but we had enough exciting over the last few years-boring is sometimes good!Keep Imagining!

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Amy said...

I'm glad everyone is having a good summer so far. If I can keep the kids out of trouble then I'm doing good. Since I got stung by a stingray a couple weeks ago, I'm afraid to go swimming at the beach. That sucker really hurt!! We are using my mother-in-laws time share condo the week of the 4th. I love getting away from home every now and they. We will only be 15 minutes away from home so we can take care of the dogs.
I need to go for now. I just wanted to thank you for all your support and kind words, they mean so much to me.
love ya