Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Everyone loves a PARADE..and I especially do when one of my loved one's is in it. Saturday morning we spent the morning at "Frontier's Day" in Edgerton watching the parade that Rodney and Carley were participating in. Rodney had the honor of being one of the three Grand Marshall's. Their parade theme was "Unsung Hero's" which was very fitting I thought-He actually served with Lt. Barrett in the 714th. Pete was one of the amazing people that were there that horrible day of the mortar attack. He in fact according to Rodney keep the chaos at a minimum and made sure everything and everyone got taken care of-Thanks Pete! Pete has been fighting his own battle with cancer and is cancer free and looking so well. His wife Christy is another amazing person who made the deployment and the time after Rodney was wounded bearable. It was so good to see them-we need to get together more often! SSG Adair and Rodney are from the same home unit. He served in Iraq in an earlier deployment.
All the them were well deserving of the honor!

Carley was also in the parade with the band in her first appearance as part of the color guard-She looked so cute! I was a proud Mama. The color guard team worked really hard over the last week to prepare for the parade-with over half of the team being new members.

The rest of Saturday was busy with visiting with friends at Frontier's Day and attending Connor's first 3 on 3 Summer Soccer game. He was rocking the field-and made 4 of the 8 goals for his team! It was a fun game. He then went with his friend Dakota to watch him race-not sure what kind of car-He is 11 also! I do know Dakota did very well and won one of the races. Connor had a blast and got to work as part of the crew :)
I spent the evening at home with Beau and Blaze-finishing my third book for the week, watching "Army Wives" and staying cool in the AC. Rodney had to work 2nd shift last night, Taylor worked a pool party until 10pm and Carley was still at her Dad's.(she comes home tommorow after work) She had a great time in Philly on her mission trip-she is a BUSY gal-she leaves on the 30th for camp where she will be a staff member. Lots going on..
Keep Imagining!
PS we are still waiting on Rodney's extensive medical records and the VA results from his 3 days of physicals and such, so we still don't know his VA rating or if he will be medically retired. Praying we will know something soon-he has been off medhold for almost 3 months. I know it is a government process-so I don't know why I would expect anything other.

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