Saturday, March 14, 2009


HI to all you in Blogland..
I thought I needed to check in...I am still here just a lot of STUFF going on-I have so much to catch up on telling as well as seeing what you all have been up to.
I have recently discovered the world of FACEBOOK! So you can find me on there Tracy Curtis Price.
I promise I will update soon my friends..I don't promise anything very often so I don't take promising lightly. BE BACK SOON!!!
Trying to Keep Imagining!


Michelle said...

Hey, look me up on fb. That way I can still keep up with you. I am the same way. I have been so busy doing absolutely nothing worth blogging about. But it is easy to write a quick line on FB.

I can't get to it from work.

Tonjia said...

I like facebook too! come back soon.