Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Want to SMILE?

Who doesn't want to SMILE??? This video was sent to me and it made me smile, laugh and brought tears to my eyes. The shear JOY was evident-I know it is mostly choreographed but I am a sucker for DANCE! I danced on a team in high school, loved dancing at clubs etc.. back in my younger days!

I enjoy the dance shows on TV immensely. I loved watching my girls dance especially Taylor who expressed herself through movement for 15 years (pray every night she will do so again).

I have come to understand with much soul searching it is one of the activities in my life thus far that has brought me happiness, fulfilment and pure joy!

I need to find a way to incorporate that into my life now. Again....any ideas???

I hope you smile! (and Dance!)


Laura ~Peach~ said...

that was great!

jojo said...

nice to hear from you again! kDancing is perfect in so many ways...I'm so glad your daughter is in love with it ;)

Tonjia said...

I was in a drill team in high school and had a ball!

I think you should start taking dance lessons, it is a big thing here since Dancing with the Stars came on TV.

jojo said...

Hi Tracy,
I just thought I would stop in and check in on you. I hope everyone is well...check in when you have a chance...take care...

Dana said...

Ok so I have been MIA for a little bit, but two weeks? Where are you? Are you ok?