Monday, November 12, 2007

The Georgia-Fort Gordon Experience-the saga continued...

Rodney with Col. Martin at Fort Gordon
Rodney in the Fisher House kitchen-finally out of the hospital
October 24-28 2006

(I didn't write in my journal from the 25th until the 28th but I do know a few events occurred during this time period)

1.) Col. Martin, Kansas Army National Guard, came to Georgia and visited with us for over 5 hours. He was very kind and tried to answer or find the answer to any questions we had. He also brought up the fact that my persistence since Rodney was wounded had brought a great deal of attention to our case-even as far as the pentagon. I say HOOOAH! There are so many things that need to change about the process so if we are a part of that change that is good for future soldiers!
Col. Martin said something that we need to remember-basically don't sign anything to get off medhold until you have every small medical issue addressed, taken care of and in your medical file. That Rodney needed to be at the most optional condition he can be in with his wounds. So I guess we are in it for the long haul...
Col. Martin did start the process of setting up a purple heart ceremony back in Kansas. Rodney will be receiving his from the TAG -Adj. General of the State at a later date.

2.) I finally got a rental car-even if I had to pay for it-(not the Army) it was worth it. I had donated funds from back home and it was something I really needed.
I am now mobile...

3.) Rodney has been visited by many officers from Fort Gordon and will become part of the medhold unit here. Everyone is really nice and they go out of their way to make sure we are being taken care of. that is so appreciated.

4.) He was visited by a man whose organization affiliation I am not sure of but he brought him a small patriotic guilt made by some very kind individuals.

5.) Rodney is getting stronger,and his wounds are healing more each day. He is taking blood thinners since they have made the decision to leave the piece of shrapnel in his heart since they feel it would do more damage to remove it. They feel it should encapsulate and not cause him any problems.

Oct. 28th-2006
He is finally scheduled to be discharged today and then spend the next 5 days with me over in the Fisher House so we can bring him to his dr. appts, appt.s with case worker, blood tests etc.. before he is released to go home for 30 days convalescence.

But...of course we have no release papers and it is 2pm in the afternoon on Friday!
Things can never be simple-at the last minute-even after getting all of Rodney's belonging (ruck sack, and 2 other bags)out to the car with help-the dr. decides to keep him in the hospital just for the daily blood tests. I am not real proud to say but I lost it....

I ended up going to the patient advocate and getting permission from his cardiologist for him to be released as long as he came in for his appt.s-WOW what a stressful day!! Rodney was fine with staying so I looked like the _itch.. of the century, but probably won't be the last time ;) I just wanted to have him to myself and take care of him-I wanted my guy-to myself before we headed back home and had to deal with all the everyday stuff as well as what comes next. We really miss the kids but we need this time to get re-adjusted to each other a little.
The Fisher House room has 2 queen size beds-so Rodney has plenty of room to stretch out and sleep in a REAL bed for the first time in a long time.We have our own bathroom and shower. We have a tv in the room and a dvd player-so we will be fine. I am going to the commissary to buy food so I can fix him meals-which I am actually very excited about-the kitchen at the Fisher House is awesome and we have a place to keep our food separate. As I said before there is a laundry room-so that need is taken care of. It is so comfortable. There are actually 2 other couples staying that are going thru similar situations. the guys were both injured in Iraq-so the soldiers have plenty to talk about and bond over as do the wives and I. It is an absolute blessing!! There is a huge yard for Rodney to get exercise and the weather has turned back to beautiful. I couldn't ask for more at this moment in time!!!

Rodney and I have had our issues which I assume is normal with all the stuff we are dealing with-he says I am micro-managing his healthcare. It hurt but I will back off and help when he asks. He is still in pain and is starting to really deal with the emotional toll of the last couple weeks. He is a true solider and is used to being given orders and following them no questions asked-I am not that way at all-so we differ-but we need to find out information and ask or it won't be explained or we might not even know about something. But love will prevail-I hope...

Things are good-we are close to the hospital if there are problems and we are together and learning to navigate this road even with the twists, turns, bumps and detours-a new part of the journey has started.

(**if you are looking for an organization to donate to to make a difference for the wounded and their families-Fisher House is one of the best!!)

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