Thursday, November 1, 2007

Way too Busy!

I cannot believe it has been almost a week since I posted.... there for awhile I was adding posts sometimes more than once a day. I guess my only excuse is being way tooooo busy this week just living life-which isn't probably such a bad thing.

So what have we been doing...

Last weekend Rod and I went to "reintegration" with his unit that he served with in Iraq even though I think we could've probably taught most of the sessions since he has been back for over a year now-mostly we went for the food and the socializing!!
I met a lot of the soldiers and it was nice to be able to but a face with a name especially with everyone out of uniform having a good time.

Monday I started planning,cleaning, decorating, shopping and cooking for a teenage Halloween party--scary huh!!! My daughter, Carley invited 10 friends over to eat and watch movies on Halloween night-since this is the first year she felt too old to go trick-or-treating. We decorated the basement with spider webs (some of them were actually cob webs-but who could tell the difference??), black lites, and just fun decorations. We had pizza,chili, cupcakes, chips and dip,popcorn, apples and carmel and of course...candy (the fav seemed to be the gummy worms..). Carley's friends are an awesome group of kids no problems what so ever-they watched "Disturbia"-it isn't really that scary-but I heard some of the girls screaming at one point. They were definitely not the "Friday the 13th" crowd.
Connor was allowed by his sister to "visit" for short periods of time before and after trick or treating. He went with a friend and his family. I am not sure what the correct description of what he went as was-I just said some type of warrior-He had a sword, a long hooded black cape, painted face and hair??? He had fun and came home with a half full pillow case of candy! We dumped it out on the floor to go thru it to make sure it was safe and to see what good stuff he got (like chocolate!!)

Rodney and I took turns throughout the evening checking on the party goers, handing out candy at the door, keeping our dog "Beau" from attacking trick or treaters every time the doorbell rang (he is a poodle who thinks he is a guard dog!!) and then getting Connor headed for the shower and bed. He was so tired but of course you couldn't convince him of that. His attitude still more like a teenager than a ten year old-it really bothers Rod he wants his little boy back!!
It was a long night but so glad we could be home this year with our kids-as last year we were in Georgia. We did miss Taylor-since she is away at college. She said she went to bed by 8:30pm-must be rough-LOL.

Today I un-decorated and put up Thanksgiving decor., did laundry,washed dishes and got ready to go out of town again. Rodney and I leave in the am to go to Arkansas and then Branson, MO. I could probably use some prayers for the first part-the reason we are going to Arkansas is that I haven't been to visit my dad's grave in over 4 years. It is about a 6 hour drive and I don't have any real family connections there anymore-but I really need to do this. I miss him terribly-his laugh, his stories, his hugs and just knowing I can talk to him if I need to. I know it is just a place-he isn't really there-but it is something I feel really strongly about doing. I want to leave something-just not sure what yet.

Then we are going back to MO. to Branson to meet up with my Mom and step-dad. They recently bought an RV so we are staying with them. It will be cozy-but a lot less than a hotel room. We plan on going to Silver Dollar City on sat. to the Christmas celebration-yes Christmas! It started today-and it is something I have wanted to do for awhile. Not even sure what to expect-but it will be nice to just walk, shop, and do things at our own pace-not the pace of the kids. They about killed me when we were in Florida last spring-I had to keep saying "slow down"-and by the end of the week I could hardly walk-seriously!-but I got a massage out of it! It sucks to be old!!:)
Well I think that is the jist of the week besides the regular day to day stuff.
I did call about a job with the state helping out wounded soldiers-but it was already filled-but the LT. Col. called me back personally to tell me and to let me know there probably is another position in the same dept. coming up soon! Keep me in your prayers!!! I really want to do something like that, plus we need the 2nd income!
next week will be busy too-I have a skin cancer biopsy and then surgery if they find something) on Friday. It is a place on my nose-most likely basal cell since I had another spot on my chin about 12 years ago. I was really young for it at 31! I am a little freaked out because it is on my nose-but I am having a plastic surgeon do the work so hoping for the best and as little of a scar as possible.

Ok I need to get to bed-we need to leave early in the am. (I love to travel but hate to I need to go do some more of that first)

You all have a grand weekend-and remember to set your clocks back-an extra hour of sleep-YES!

I will do more "last year" update next week..promise;)
Thanks for checking in on me..

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