Friday, March 7, 2008

Blessings and good things!

I wanted to share some good things that are going on in our lives:
1. We received the TSGLI payment-it has made such a difference in our lives, it isn't just the security of the money and paying off all our debt (except for Car)-it is the acknowledgement that Rodney did sacrifice.
2. We are looking for a house and have one in particular we love-it is a buyers market so hopefully we can negociate a awesome deal (I used to be a real estate agent).
3. Connor started guitar lessons and is signed up for summer baseball.
4. Carley made the Spring Play at school-"Peter Pan"-she is a PIRATE!
5. Connor has a solo in his vocal music concert next week
6. Taylor is still going strong at school (she has been home since Wed. with the nasty flu though!)
7. Both girls have been hired as lifeguards at the local Aquatic Center (this will be Taylor's 5th summer)
8. I am leaving on a trip to Texas with my mom coming along to watch Carley's
High School band compete in Dallas. After we are heading down to Galveston to hang out for 3or 4 days. We even are being treated by Wounded Warriors so we can stay in their condo! I am looking forward to it!The Beach and SUN! (Please let there be sun!) We leave on the 13th and come home on the 21st. Should be fun!
9.Carley recently was able to get off some of her asthma meds she has been on since 3rd grade!
10. SPRING has to be coming! I know it has to be even though it is March 7th, it is snowing AGAIN and we are supposed to get 5 inches! YUCK< YUCK!
11. We got a new dryer-yeah one that doesn't tear clothes and actually turns off by its self.
12. I got a new do and some new clothes-wish it was I lost 30 -50 lbs. but that doesn't just happen-UGHHH!

Keep Imagining!

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