Monday, March 3, 2008

Catching up a Little

I have been very slack in posting over the last month-sorry!
There has been so much going on (as there usually is)-that my to do list gets longer everyday instead of shorter. That doesn't help with my innate need to have a sense of accomplishment :)I have tried to post a few times but the words just didn't seem to be flowing nor was my information sounding very interesting.
I do have a great deal to catch up you all on and some ideas floating around in my head (if I can just get them to make sense when I write them)
So for today...How about a run down of what is and has been happening with my youngest..seems like as good as place as any to begin.

CONNOR:He is still doing well in school. They start the dreaded state assessment testing this week-so he is supposed to get more sleep and eat a good breakfast. Sounds easy enough but we will see tonight at bedtime?? He just finished his indoor soccer season. They were the youngest team in the league-so they had a pretty rough season but hopefully learned some skills that will help them in the future. He seemed to take it all in stride. I will say the indoor game moves really quickly!! Connor has shown interest in the guitar-so we signed him up for lessons. He loves Guitar Hero (and yes I do know it isn't the same thing :)His grandpa plays so he is very excited for Connor to begin. We finally got his haircut!Yeah! It is still long in my book-but it is the style. At least all the blond coloring is gone-he looks like Connor again! He recently finished up cub scouts. He has been involved since the 1st grade. He went through the Arrow of Light ceremony-it was moving and a little sad. Another milestone in life...with many more to come. Enjoy the pics of him in the slideshow going from a boy to a young man in cubscouts. Until later-I am off to clean the "young mans" hole-I mean room!
Keep Imagining!

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