Friday, March 7, 2008

MedHold News: The next step

Rodney April 2006 before deployment

I heard the words yesterday "your husband is considered fit for duty": so he is less than a month out from being let off medhold (which he has been on since Oct. 2006)so he will be Re-fraded? back to his National Guard unit and go back to his civilian job. A new chapter of our journey begins. The thing is with a new chapter is we aren't sure what is going to happen-kinda like a mystery book but it is our lives with the military in charge. I asked Rodney many questions about the process last night and to my dismay he really doesn't know what will be occurring.(you know by now I am the one who worries and stresses out!) Once again I am wondering why we don't have one person we can contact to get the reassurance and answers we need to hear.So hopefully with some prayers and phone calls to some contacts we can navigate what is up next.
My worries include medical issues that still need to be taken care of with Rodney.
He does have a sleep study this Saturday night for snoring and some strange sleep behavior since returning home, he is finally getting some dental work done as it seems all his meds have caused havoc with his teeth. He still has ongoing PTSD issues. I think he needs a full physical, head to toe as a precaution to make sure nothing is missed. He does have a small hernia from the abdominal surgery in had in Iraq-they are saying no big deal but I have seen him do a sit-up and it looks like a small alien trying to be born. It may seems as if I am being paranoid but I did listen way back in 10/06 and more than one person said don't let them release you until you are as close to 100 percent as possible. I am not sure even how the disability ratings so if anyone out there know something please get with me!
I am also carrying this one thought around in my head-What if he gets deployed again? I will try and be patient and hope for the best-and if not continue to fight the good fight!
Keep Imagining!

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