Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Concert of the Summer

My mind really has been on blogging recently but I have missed telling you all about the fun stuff we have been it seems I am always playing catch up. I can't believe summer 2008 is 1/2 over:( ! I posted a slide show earlier today with pics from some of our adventures the last couple weeks, now you get to read about them as well.First one...the Concert
RED,WHITE & BOOM..The concert I took the kids to in late June. It was a full day of music (2pm-11pm). This was the very first concert Connor had ever attended. I was so excited for him! I think at times he was a little overwhelmed especially with it being an all day event and it being HOT! He soon discovered the t-shirt vendors and later the people walking around after it gets dark selling the "Light UP" toys. I hate those people :) Really we I almost want to buy something for me when I see them. I knew Connor would want something even if he is 11! He got a rainbow light up sword-I think he forgotten it even exists 2 weeks later, but not his 2 concert shirts-he wears them ever time they are clean!! It was also the first time I had taken all three kids-Do I get the COOL mom award! The girls took turns taking Connor down front and weaving through the mass of people in Mosh pit-he never lasted long. Taylor stayed down there and got some great pics of her fav group. Carley had a great time except she didn't get to have dippin dots. We had a great time singing,dancing, screaming and hollering-even if in the beginning Connor would keep saying stop it MOM when I would yell or scream-Like I was doing it to embarrass him or something. I was once an avid concert goer...20 years ago!I know what to do-I even held up my lighter and Carley told me that was old school-and showed me the cell phone thing! The performers were great though I was there to see Gavin DeGraw and Lifehouse..we also heard Blake Lewis, Metro Station (did you know Trace Cyrus is a part of the group, Miley's brother??), Boys like Girls (Carley and Connor's favorite) Jordin Sparks (what a cutie and she can sing!) and some others I can't remember.
I am glad we went and made the many 19, 15 and 11 year old want to hang with mom??? I only had to margaritas the whole day!!!
Really though they all love music and of all genres-just like their mama.I try to listen to as much of the same music they do, so I can see into their world a little. I see more concerts in our future...I will go as long as they will let me.
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