Thursday, July 17, 2008

More of the Military Mess Up Game

We received 2 different letters from the VA today-one stated they were still working on figuring Rodney's compensation-OK we can deal with that I guess, I thought probably need to have Rodney call just to find out if they needed anything further. so I open the 2nd letter...It states they (VA) contacted the state of Kansas medical detachment, Adj. General department for copies of Rodney's medical records on 5/15/2008 and have yet to receive them. Today is July 17,2008-another 2 months wasted rolled in red tape. The VA is in Wichita and the Adj. Generals dept. in Topeka.Granted they are a couple hours apart but I would be willing to drive and get the blasted info. where it needed to be...I am obviously in that frustration place. I just picture in my mind his medical records being moved from one desk to the other on a daily basis and no one doing their job-which in itself is a feat since the whole file large enough to notice! I am fed up with dropped balls and people not doing their job (not blaming the VA at this point!)-we are 4 months out from him being released from medhold and still not VA rating which was supposed to be expedited. I guess I will have to start making some phone calls to stir the pot-that usually pisses off someone in the ARMY enough to get something happening! Really To Bad that has to happen!
Not a good day:(
Rodney told me last night he had a piece of shrapnel fester up and pop out on his scalp-weird!He has that happen every once in a while but never his head.
Keep Imagining!

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Shrapnel popping up? I know this is probably no big deal for him but it just seems so odd that this kind of stuff happens. Your husband impresses me the more I read your blog - his strength awes me.

Acutally, you are quite awesome as well.

I'm really glad I found your blog.