Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally 18!

Today is my wonderful nephew Ethan's 18th birthday. He graduated from High School in May and is FINALLY today 18 (I don't think he should already be 18 but I am sure he does :)-He will be leaving for college next month where he will be running cross country and track.(this is a kid that had horrible asthma as a child-he has overcome it and runs every single day). He is one amazing, sweet, dedicated kid-I am very proud of him, and expect him to do well in life.
One thing he did recently that makes me smile when I think of it: We were at the lake camping over the 4th of July-we were getting ready to go put the wave runner in-I step into the RV to get bug spray and sunscreen-somehow in all my gracefulness I missed a step while trying to step out backwards and landed in a pile on the ground with a twisted ankle-My gentleman of a nephew with a smile on his face but not laughing like everyone else come over and puts his hand out to help up his poor Aunt T. I love this kid!
Happy Birthday 'B"-Love you Always Aunt T
Keep Imagining!

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks Tracey for the comment about CJ. The military has certainly thrown our family for a loop. It's so hard to watch his dreams end like this.