Monday, January 7, 2008

Bragging Rights...

I wanted to take a moment to brag..on my kids, to say how proud I am of them and the people they are. All three of my children are their own people which is how I have been trying to raise them- I know I am not the only parent who doesn't always see the best side of their tween, or teenagers-but what I am so proud of is when you hear that others think they are awesome, responsible, have important things to contribute and are so darned smart!!! Today I received Connor's report card in the mail-I wasn't sure what to expect since he does struggle at times-I open it up and along with proof of his hard work with good grades I got a prize- A sticker that says "Honor Roll Student! I was beaming as was he as I gushed about how proud I was and hugged him-then he was like later mom and off to his friends house-but we had our moment and he knows how I feel even if he acts like most of the time it doesn't matter how I feel-I know better! I am also proud of the girls accomplishments-Carley fought for that first High School semester 4.0 and she got it-whewww!That would've been the first B as a semester grade she ever received. She almost didn't make it because of having 89 percent in one class-but she made it up in her final. Way to go Carley! Keep following your dream and relying not only on your brain but your heart too! Taylor finished her 1st semester at college up with grades she worked really hard for-she didn't do as well as she wanted, I am still proud of her most definitely-going away to college is an adjustment and time management skills are still being learned. She adores college and I see her growing in so many ways and becoming so much wiser. Congrats to my baby girl!
So bragging done for the day on my 3 amazing off-spring!
"Keep Imagining!

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Amy said...

It's no accident that your kids are so amazing. You have done a great job with all three of them. It's clear from your posts and pictures that you love your family more than anything.
It's been great getting to know you through our blogs and the little ladybug. I pray that 2008 will be your greatest year yet.
love & prayers friend!!