Sunday, January 27, 2008

A picture is worth a million words...and smiles

I have spent the better part of this last week going through old pictures (pre-digital).I have 2 major slide show projects to get done-one for my son's cub scout den and the other for my nephew who is a senior. I have a true passion for doing slide shows-it is my art and it is fun. I even have a company name-Priceless Memories Productions. So looking thru the pics.. It is a great deal of work (probably 15 years worth of them in a semi-organized state) but it is also a walk down a path where I get to watch my kids grow up all over again and the memories come flooding back. I love photos-they are my most prized possessions- I don't want to forget. The thing I find interesting is that when I look at a picture I see more than what is occurring in the pic but what was going on in our lives-I realize I probably thought that particular "time" period was difficult but I can't see it in the faces of those in the picture-I see happiness, laughter and silliness. I see a family living life. I see me with some really bad hair-do's, actually I usually end up thinking wow I looked OK there (unless you are talking back in the 80's then there was some scary hair)-So I leave you with this-take lots and lots of photos-you will never regret it. I hope you enjoy some less recent pics of my kiddos and even one of me and my sis circa before age 40 :)
Keep Imagining!

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