Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Song with a Lesson For Me

I came across this Mercy Me video on one of the caringbridge sites I visit often. This particular site is for a beautiful little girl who had cancer but is now free in Heaven. She is just one of so many of the little angels who weren't long enough on earth. The family she left behind obviously misses her beyond words, but without her they must go on. I have often wondered over the last few years how does one not get mad a God when they lose a child or some other horrific thing that happens in their life. It is something that I have spent a lot of time wondering and questioned my own faith during our long journey. Everyone has trials and some burdens are heavier. I just wish the lesson wasn't so difficult for me to learn but I will keep trying-I have to-because without faith for me there isn't any hope! I admire and am inspired by all the families that exhibit such faith during the toughest of situations.Recently I came across a blog of a man who obviously walks with Jesus every step of the way and his faith is unwavering-he and his wife just had a baby girl, which is a miracle and joyous event. The event of a lifetime for them came with some complications. The baby had to be delivered at 24 weeks because of the mothers deteriorating health due to cystic fibrous. He blogs constantly about his girls and not as a victim but as a man of faith, focusing on the good. He has touched hundreds with his blog. Please keep Nathan, Tricia and baby Gwyneth in your thoughts and prayers as so many are storming heaven with prayers right now.
This song really made me think of them during their time of need- not because I feel sorry for them but that they inspire me with their strength and living their lives for Jesus! I have listed the website on the right-side of my blog or you can click on Nathan-please visit! So here is the song with the lesson- "Bring the Rain"... Keep Imagining!


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Thank you!

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I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope your having a great week!