Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today is a really good Day...We got the word today-we have been approved to receive a disability settlement from TSGLI (Traumatic Service members Group Life Insurance). We are elated and beyond grateful on so many levels. I was in tears as I was speaking to the person who brought such joyous news to our family. I just kept saying "you have no idea what this means to us and thank you". Rodney was in tears when I told him. We are both stunned but in a good way :) We have known for a couple weeks that Rodney's case was being looked at again due to guideline changes. We were optimistic but not overly confident due to our many experiences with disappointment with the system along this journey. We had been turned down in for TSGLI in Dec. 2006 because Rod's wounds didn't qualify.We were shocked then as well. It took us many months of calling, contacting and contemplation to finally decide not to appeal our claim. We obviously didn't have the fight left in us, so we moved on to survive. Here we are 13 months later and we have been approved!!!! Praise to the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is only through him that this could have happened!!!!!!
Now we can feel more financially secure and worry less about finances and concentrate on living and healing, not just surviving. Some of our dreams can possibly come true-the dreams we held onto so tight during those months when Rodney was deployed. We might be able to buy a house,quit wasting money on rent,get out of this gloomy duplex-into a good neighborhood with more children for Connor to play with. We are even considering moving out of town-close enough that Carley can still attend High School locally but get Connor out of the middle school atmosphere in 5th grade,(it is like a pseudo high School). There is faith, hope and possibility where there was defeat, hopelessness and anger. Thank you to everyone for prayers for our family-Prayer does works!Continued Prayers that this really does happen (sorry I have been burnt too many times) and we will have the $ in the bank in a week and we will make smart financial decisions.(pay off bills, be charitable,get a different place to live,help Taylor with college, send me back to school to re-train for a career, pay back relatives who have kept us afloat,consider Rodney's Harley Davidson??? and maybe even a vacation to DC.(I would love to be able to visit other wounded warriors at Walter Reed and meet some of the individuals instrumental in helping us along the way)Many things to take into the equation and consider. I am most thankful not just because of $-it is because I know some part of the system for wounded warriors does work.

God Bless & Keep Imagining!


Kristi from NY said...

Oh, I'm so happy to read the good news! I can somewhat imagine the relief this must bring to you and your family--emotionally, financially and mentally--based on my own experience with handling medical bills, debt, etc. Keep imagining and keep those chins up!

Amy said...

That is awesome news!! I'm so glad that you guys finally got some good news. It's said that we grow the most when times are hard, maybe you guys are done growing for a while!!
You should come to Florida for your vacation!!

Ness said...

Oh Tracy, I am SO happy for you! God does work in mysterious ways.

I'll keep on praying that things continue to go well.

I have been in that financial hell before and I know the sweet relief you must feel at this great news!