Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dreaming & Hibernating in Kansas

Well we all know my feelings on cold weather and all that comes with it- I understand bears more each day and I too have put on my winter "fat"-so do you think if I go to sleep for a couple months (hibernate) I will wake up and have lost 40 lbs? Just call it the slumber diet! Really though we have had more snow this winter than in recent years and I refuse to watch the weather anymore-too depressing!! Why do I dislike cold, snow and ice?? Dirty cars, dirty snow,scraping windows, wearing coats,scarfs,hats,gloves, and having the weather dictate if I can venture out some where-to name a few! My sister and brother in law are considering moving to Colorado in the next couple years. My question was why would you go someplace where it is more frigid and there is so much snow! They aren't winter sport enthusiast or anything. (they are taking there first ski trip in March). It is their dream and I do appreciate that. Don't get me wrong have been to Colorado in both winter and summer-it is breath-taking.It is also one of the cleanest places I have ever been to. I love the community of Boulder-it is something really special and a great place to visit. Mork even liked it! So I would go visit my sister whom I love dearly but she can come visit me on the beach if I have my way-yes the beach and warm temps are the way for me. I even said when asked many years ago-I was a senior in H.S.-what I wanted to do with my life-I said be a BEACH BUM Really! :)I don't think I will ever live as a beach bum, but on can dream!:> So off to my warm hibernation chamber-snug and cozy, I even have someone sleeping next to me who snores like I think a bear would-ha! I hope you all sleep well and are staying warm. Enjoy the weather where ever you are the best way you can. Keep Imagining!

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Amy said...

I love living here in Florida!! So when it's a million degrees in the summer you can brag about how nice it is in Kansas. It's quite foggy today but the high today is in the mid 70's.