Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Duel of the David's

I wanted to wish my fave American Idol Contestant and hometown Kansas City native best of luck on the finale tomorrow night. I have been an avid AI viewer since season 2 (except for last season-not sure why?). This season I watched but was bored mostly with the genres that the contestants had to chose songs from except for DC-he made most all of them work. I think David Cook is the whole package-he is a seasoned stage performer, has a sincere and likable personality, he can sing beautifully and play the guitar, he is a genius in changing up the arrangements and making the song his own. We in Kansas City love him and would love to have an American Idol from here..but it is more about the person, the rocker!! He is ready for the big time!! I have loved watching the other David Archuleta and enjoy his performances but he is so uncomfortable with the media and the fans. I think he is a beyond amazing vocalist and can sign a ballad like no other 17 year old-but is he pop star material??? Is he contemporary enough? I read an article written by a critic today that said something that made a lot of sense-The past winners who have won and became "stars" did it because they were able to come out and sell records-Kelly and Carrie especially. There have been others-Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, Rueben Studdard that didn't fair as well. AI has many success stories but one of the biggest was one of the "non"winners-Daughtry! I think David Cook is much like Daughtry in many ways. He can go make a record Thursday (after winning or not winning on Wed.) and it will sell. I just want a rocker to win!! I want a make contestant who wins to be a success in the music industry! I hope America gets it right and David Cook is named the next American Idol!!I know I voted a lot tonight!! I will be glued to my TV tommorow..
Keep Imagining!

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