Sunday, May 25, 2008

Remember the Sacrifices

Memorial Day is tomorrow. I need to admit before my husband went back into the military 3 years ago I never really gave much thought to the real reason behind setting aside a day called Memorial Day. I guess I always knew but as a child I only remember the Memorial Weekend as a celebration of the beginning of summer break from school, the day the pool opened and a holiday that many people still get confused with Labor Day (which is in Sept.)My dad's side of the family always called Memorial Day, Decoration Day. I do recall a few times being in Arkansas and going to the family cemetery to put flowers on our loved ones graves and then having a picnic outside the gate. It took my husband going to war, getting wounded by a mortar attack, being a caregiver for him, seeing his physical wounds everyday,knowing the emotional toll it has taken on him as well as our family to truly understand the purpose of Memorial Day. I am so thankful and blessed to not have to visit Rodney's grave tomorrow. My heart breaks for the spouses and families that do. Memorial Day is a day to recognize, acknowledge, and remember the sacrifices that all the warriors who have died while serving this country. Rodney's unit lost two member's -our hearts go out to the families of Courtney Finch and Travis Bachman this year as they know the reality of what Memorial Day is. They made the ultimate sacrifice-they deserve to be remembered and honored. I will never take for granted another Memorial Day. I now understand what it means-it means our freedom isn't and never has been free.
I found this trailer for this movie that was made to raise money for wounded soldiers, their families and the families of the fallen. It is very to the point and from the mouths of actual service members on what it means to be a warrior.It is only a few minutes long and worth the time.Rodney and I both watched it twice. It of course brought back many emotions in each of us, for different reasons. He cried for his lost brothers and the ability to serve like he still wants to in Iraq, I cried because I realized how our sacrifices were not the ultimate and we go on. I cried becasue it took going thru the last 2 years for me to get it. I am proud of Rodney knowing he will always be a soldier, a warrior and a patriot-even if he never steps foot in a war zone again.
Keep Imagining!

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Ness said...

Thanks for posting the Warrior trailer, Tracy. I just watched it with tears running down my face and sent it to my son, the new 2nd Lt. I am so proud of his willingness to serve his country. Give Rodney a hug for me and tell him thank you for his service to our country and that in my heart, he will always be serving because his heart is with our troops across the ocean.