Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to Work

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho off to work he goes...One more normal in our life of craziness...Today Rodney went back to work at his civilian job. It has been 2 years. His employer Johnson County Wastewater has been so supportive through all aspects of this journey. When he left 2 year ago he was working 2nd shift (3-11:30 pm)-he has now been promoted to days (yeah!) and had three raises. The department was amazing to me and the kids after Rodney was wounded-they took up a collection to help me with expenses while I stayed with him in Georgia and they sent cards and messages to Rod to let him know they cared. I cannot say thank you enough!
I hope Rodney has a great first day back to work and he physically can handle what the job requires (I am sure he will be really tired tonight!)It is a whole different deal than doing the military desk thing everyday.

We did get some promising news pertaining to disability through the VA-now is just a waiting game. We know the drill on that.
I will post about my Grandpa's funeral soon-just not ready to write about it yet.I need to get moving-I have my nephews slide show to finish by Saturday for his H. S. Grad. Party. Have a good Cinco De Mayo!

Keep Imagining!

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