Thursday, May 8, 2008

Memorial Memories of Grandpa

My grandpa was put to rest a week ago Wednesday, April 30th. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful tribute to him. We lovingly planned it to represent him and all that he loved in life.Before his disease took away so much of his enjoyment in life-he was known as the man around town who rode the yellow moped. He visited friends, family and many garage sales.His moped was sitting near his casket during the service. He was also a man who loved the outdoors-fishing and camping-so his casket flowers were mostly wildflowers with his fishing hat and a pole worked into the arrangement.There were so many people there-most I didn't even know. I spoke about how I knew him-my grandpa and all the special things about him that were special to me. My daughter Taylor sang a beautiful version of Amazing Grace. The Chaplin from hospice spoke and gave us all insight into the person she knew in the nursing home setting.

One of the most moving moments was as we drove up to the funeral home surrounded by American flags. We had asked our friends with the Legion Riders/Patriot Guard to provide an escort but I never expected the special treatment my grandfather received as a WWII vet. It was so beautiful. We were guided by our friends on their bikes through town as people stopped and watched. I knew my grandpa was looking down smiling. I want to thank 8-Ball (chuck) for arranging such an amazing send off for our loved one. After the burial service we came back to town to a lunch put on by our church with my mother-in-law as the planner. It was so nice to not have to worry about having it at the house. Thank you to all that attended the service, sent flowers, made a donation in his name, helped with the meal, rode in his honor and in anyway made the day easier for my family. We felt all your thoughts and prayers.
Thank You!
Keep Imagining!

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