Sunday, October 14, 2007

dinner & a movie & a teenage oops

Carley and Friends

Tonight Carley and I left the boys at home to watch football and we went out to dinner, do a little shopping at Target (halloween party stuff) and then went to a late movie. The movie wasn't something I would recommend-but at least we spent the time together. Her and I have a great relationship and I want to work hard so she knows I am here for her- She did ask me though as we were driving: "How was 3am this morning?"-she is pretty in tune with her ole mom. (knowing this was the time I found out Rodney was wounded-no one else asked) So here's to taking a break and spending time one-on-one with your kids (especially teenagers)-you find out a lot-sometimes more than you want to.
I found out that my 14 year old daughter made a bad decision earlier today and rode in an older girls car to get food during a long play rehearsal-and that there were more bodies than seat belts. I was shocked-this is the kid who gets on us to wear our seatbelts all the time and is what we call out"moral" compass-so I tried not to freak on her and we talked about why she did it, how easy it is to get caught up in the fun and not use common sense,and what she could've done differently. She was very quick to say it will never happen again-I believe her but I did say she now knew so there wasn't an excuse ever to not wear a seat belt. I assumed because she is so mature, she would make the right decision when we never even talked about it-I feel like I dropped the ball! I should have known better myself-I have already been through this with her sister-uggh! I am not sure who to be more upset with myself or Carley? Things have been so crazy over the last year-I sometimes wonder if I neglected my parental duties and the kids got lost in the shuffle.
The incident today did take me back to another time; When my darling Carley was 2 years old and I take my eye off her for a second while we are outside playing and she is in the street pushing her dollbuggy-I was so scared then and I was today.

But no harm and there will be so many more lessons learned not just by her but by me :)

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