Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a Rebel with a "Surprise"

As most of you know...
I have three kids-and today one of them had a "surprise" for me. I normally like surprises but I have been told I am difficult to surprise. I am just not so sure I like my college freshman to use the word "surprise" but she did.

My oldest-Taylor who is away at college and 18, making new friends,gaining knowledge, learning to live on her own, and growing into a responsible adult before my eyes. Believe me, I do expect some experimentation (I'm not totally naive) So Taylor sends me an email (she never sends me emails that was a nice surprise) It says something to the effect
"I can't wait to see you this weekend when your come up, I have a surprise for you. I hope you don't freak out." (Ok my mind is processing all that would make me freak out, as I am starting to imagine the best case scenario-or worst case). Then she goes on to say "A little rebellion never hurt anyone-LOL-I Love you mommy" (so glad she added the I love you mommy part but I only am "mommy" when she wants something or has done something I might not like, and what does she mean rebellion-I thought her rebellion was never cleaning her room!)
-so after awhile of thinking about it and realizing it can't be that bad (she is a total angel compared to the wild child I was in H.S. and college!) A tattoo-that has to be it-she has wanted one-she was with me last year when I "rebelled" at 42 and got mine (my first and last one!) Then I email her back with "You are in so much trouble....if you went and got a tattoo without me"- I received no response-so now I am moving on to the phone-"imagining even worse things like engagement and I am not even going to write my other thought. So I call- She answers "HIIIII MOM" and I say "What did you do? What is the big surprise".-not sure if this was freaking out in her eyes or not?-(again silence)so we start the question and answer session: "A tattoo-no, your belly button pierced-no, you colored your hair blue-NO!
"I got my nose pierced!!"
(silence from me-I was actually so relieved I was speechless for a second but I had to put on the mom act)-My reaction:'UUUUHHHHHHH! Gross!" That seemed to satisfy her as a reaction for rebellion along with some of my other snide comments, I'm sure I will keep up for good measure for the next few weeks.
So my Surprise...my daughter has rebelled and gotten an extra hole in her nose (a very small, mini hole for a little little stud).
Not sure what she was rebelling against but if it makes her feel like she is then "I hate it!! and I hope it really hurt!" :)
PS she wanted me to send her some of her Sr.pics from last year via email-I did and added a message "this is what you looked like before you had your nose pierced"

So my work as a parent is done for the day...
I have included a pic of Taylor-my rebel before she added an additional hole (She is really such a cool "kid"-my baby girl forever and I am so proud of her)...Plus it is her nose..Maybe she will go with me to get one...really I am just kidding!

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